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When the queen hands you all the cards and the bishop wants the Queen to know his next move, but Queen belongs to you! You play the card of traitor for the bishop believes he is in control.

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(May KNOW I'M LATE SHUT UP! I have a life (somewhat) and I don't know these things until after the date passes so.

Izaya Orihara, Durarara, Bae

Orihara Izaya That is too cute.. I might actually be crying. ~Aki

Orihara Izaya That is too cute. I want to hug him.

By @iorin_osd

By @iorin_osd

The many Faces of Izaya (Part 1)

anime: Durarara (Drrr) anime character: izaya orihara he is hawwwwttt


Here's a presnt to all the Izaya fangirls! (me not included) Have fun Izaya!