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Life itself is a quotation | Chicquero

Enlightening Quotes and Pieces of Advice by Julian Bialowas is and freelance designer and photographer based from Canada. Check out more Quotes and Pie

on my chalkboard of "sayings" en francais

Have Less, Do More / Julian Bialowas {remember that moments last longer than things!} need to remember this when I "want" new stuff

Forests, lakes, and rivers...

forests lakes and rivers clouds and wings glaciers and snowflakes every form of anmiate and inanimate existence leaves its impression upon the soul of man ♥

Well... maybe not ALL of it.  Just most of it with more understanding.  :)

I hope that to live my life with no regrets, and even if things don't always go as planned, I can appreciate the good from everything. I also never want to look back on life and say what if?


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Know your limitations and then defy them

An entry from Be.

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Everything happens for a reason<3

there's always a reason, sometimes it just takes time to find it. HOPE = hold on, pain ends.

Subtraction poem http://media-cache4.pinterest.com/upload/40250990389707035_KQl1tX3Z_f.jpg dtduzit inspire

If it makes you happy do it. If it doesn't, then don't. :: QUOTES :: so simple and YES! quotes to remember

Dear God, I'm trusting you. I know you heard my prayer. Your time. not mine.

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Julian Bialowas, Best Dreams Happen When You Are Awake (so true)