Child Maleficent Cosplay

Newly Improved Young Maleficent Inspired costume Dress Accessories and Horns Printed teen - adult size XS-L

Maleficent by nomokis on deviantART... check it out:

Disney's live action Maleficent cosplay by Lopti also known as Nomokis on DeviantArt. Wings by Firefly Path, horns by Boci Art, contacts by Samhain Contact Lenses, elf ears by Aradani Studios.

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Comic Con 2014 Cosplay Maleficent--love the idea of a staff with a raven for other witchy costumes

Young Maleficent

Isobelle Molloy as a young Maleficent. I thought she was just adorable and beautiful as the young Maleficent.<--Hate to break it to you boy young Maleficent is played by Ella Purnell.

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Maleficent is a dynamic character because as a little girl she was kind then when her heart was broken she became hateful and then when she met aurora , her kindness grew and grew

Xena - Not all princesses need to be rescued, sometimes they are the rescuers

Lucy Lawless - Xena Warrior Princess - I like her because like me she was both good and bad according to her mood only difference was that she had Danelle.