Lighting Setups: Split Lighting #photographytalk #photographytips

Split lighting is next in our lighting schemes series. It is a technique mostly used for creating dramatic portraits.

Lighting Setups: Paramount Lighting #photographytalk #photographytips

Paramount lighting is one of the most popular lighting styles and it is mainly used in fashion, glamour and classic portrait photography.

Lighting setups: Loop Lighting #photographytalk #photographytips

Some say loop lighting is a modified version of Paramount lighting, but I believe it is a separate scheme all together. It is ideal for models with oval-shaped faces, but it is also a relatively permissive light pattern.

Rembrandt Lighting Setup | tuyettacvn-Rembrandt-Lighting-Setup

Rembrandt Lighting Setup | tuyettacvn-Rembrandt-Lighting-Setup

Studio Lighting Setup Diagram - Bare bulb duo portrait

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Rembrandt Lighting Setup | Basic Studio Lighting Setups - rembrandt lighting setup

There are basically five commonly excepted portrait lighting setups in photography. These portrait lighting setup are based on the placement of the main light, relative to the subject and camera.

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