David Bowie & Iggy Pop.

David Bowie, Iggy Pop are included for being friends since the beginning. Blondie opened for Bowie/Pop on their joint tour. Iggy and Debbie remain friends collaborating on music and film.

blow up

Blow-up - is a 1966 film directed by Michelangelo Antonioni about a fashion photographer, played by David Hemmings.

sandy and danny

vintagesalt: “ John Travolta & Oliva Newton-John rehearse a scene for Grease, September 1977 ”

The Square is a revolutionary film about change and the power of people.  We encourage you to share these inspirational stories with your own community.  Theatrical-On-Demand® film distributor Gathr Films® allows viewers to bring The Square to theaters all across the country. We are all about collaboration, so look for an existing screening to join in. Share the Square.

The Square - Award-winning documentary about the Egyptian revolution.

David Hemmings and Jane Birkin, Blow Up, 1966 — Tazio...


wandrlust: “David Hemmings and Jane Birkin, Blow Up, 1966 — Tazio Secchiaroli ”

Beatles Help Movie Poster 24inx36in

Beatles Help Movie Poster 24inx36in

A rare, original 1965 Japanese movie poster for The Beatles film "Help !" Featuring unique artwork, this x 28 poster is in virtually mint condition, ne

Just wow. Early photo of Martin Scorsese and Robert de Niro. Jedi Artists.

1976 - Actor Robert DeNiro and director Martin Scorcese on the set of Taxi Driver

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLOeH-Oq_1Y  This is something EVERYONE should see and understand what's really going on. We abolished slavery for a reason why would we support this barbarity? See this documentary and sign a petition to Free Tilikum and all Orcas kept in captivity. It's the least we can do. http://www.freetillynow.org/

Blackfish - An engaging but very sad documentary about orcas in captivity. Long story short: don't give SeaWorld your money. This movie got me crying. I have a completely different view on SeaWorld and animals held in captivity.