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*swoon* <-----Behold and tremble upon the sight of one of the world's greatest treasures, the Loki Swagger!,<------ this He also is burdened with a glorious purpose

Joss just happening to match the steve rogers costume while filming this scene... Smooth....

The Avengers, Tom Hiddleston & Chris Evans .Joss back there :-) See, this mends my annoyed feelings towards Loki.

modern wear anyone?

Loki by *ctyler. This is one of my favorite Loki arts. I think it's because it is so close to his body shape. Please don't give Tom's Loki big muscles.

kgm42986:  mypreciousmind1:  kinky-fiction-vixen:  winchester87:  What the fresh hell?! *flails*  Meep. I almost squeaked in front of my husband.  OMFG Suit! Loki… love it:) laterovaries celtickaye jossmayfair coy00koi insatiablebookslut kirby1derby1doo eve1978 caroabram hiddleston-is-my-cup-of-tea hiddlemepink triplefuckingnope jossisgod annamariaesergren quoting-shakespeare-to-ducks tomslegsarekillingmeslowly lokilockedcougar kgm42986 lisalisa007 smittentomkitten…

Those legsssss . for days and nightsssss . and it's a Loki manip, ahhhhg!

tom hiddleston-I have a huge crush on this guy.

You sat on your bed wishing one day you could go to Asgard, but you knew you could never ask Thor such a question. Prologue [Loki X Reader]

Enjoy our Beloved Villain while we wait for Marvel to bring Loki back.

The Complete Story Of Loki. The God Of Mischief In Pictures.

Tom Hiddleston - gif <----Note, a "villain" like Loki does not walk down stairs. He struts as if he owns them.

Loki and Thor go out for ice cream. Thor also ate a lot more then his little brother. LOVE THIS!!!!!!

Look at all the ice cream Thor ate but gosh I love what Loki said rubbing it in Thors face