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Harnessing ‘The Force’ to Transform B2B Sales - B2B Commerce Platform | Pepperi

Last week, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, hit theaters, breaking box office records with its estimated $238 million opening weekend in the U.S. alone. The Star Wars realm pits light against dark, good against evil, with its hallmark phrase spoken by fans worldwide, “May The Force be with you.”

Webinar: Sales – Use Clever Sales Campaigns to Grow your Business Are you in the business of consumer goods sales? Sale Campaign, Growing Your Business, Clever, Trends, Tips, Blog, Blogging, Beauty Trends, Counseling

Webinar: B2B Sales - Use Clever Sales Campaigns to Grow your Business

Are you in the business of consumer goods B2B sales? What are you doing to increase your order size and revenue? We talked to our customers, hundreds of wholesalers and brands of varying sizes, to learn what they're doing to increase their sales. In this webinar shared what we've learned

6 Reasons Why an Online e-catalog can Increase Your Sales - A e-catalog is the cornerstone for modern e-commerce and field sales. Learn how they can boost the sales for brand manufacturers and wholesalers. What's Trending, Ecommerce, Catalog, Canning, Modern, Shopping, Trends, Tips, Brazil

6 reasons why an online e-catalog can increase your B2B sales

A B2B e-catalog is the cornerstone for modern B2B e-commerce and field sales. Learn how they can boost the sales for brand manufacturers and wholesalers.

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Social Media for Sales Reps - B2B Commerce Platform | Pepperi

The biggest movement in the Sales World today is that from cold calling to twittering, direct mail to social media. These forward thinking sales reps are putting themselves in the position to break down all of the old barriers of communication. No more being rejected on phone calls, no

My Silly Little Gang is now accepting submissions for my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. My Silly Little Gang is compiling a 2014 Holiday Gift Guide perfect. Christmas In July, Christmas Presents, Merry Christmas, Cottage Christmas, Christmas Budget, Handmade Christmas, Family Presents, Father Christmas, Christmas Shopping

The 3 Gadgets Every Sales Rep Would Love To Get - B2B Commerce Platform | Pepperi

It’s that time of year when everything’s winding down for the holiday season so here are some gift ideas for your sales team. We’ve scoured the internet to find the latest, must haves for sales reps on the road… 1. G-RO: Revolutionary Carry-on Luggage The G-Ro bag features –

 In we have continued to see how Internet and technology affect CPG sales. Here are the top trends we have seen this year. What's Trending, Internet, Trends, Technology, Tips, Tech, Tecnologia, Beauty Trends, Counseling

Top 3 2018 B2B CPG Sales Trends - Pepperi

In 2018, Internet and technology are continuing to affect B2B CPG sales - including changing role of sales reps, rise of omni-channel & authentic mobile

How Angel Eyes Reduced Order Processing Errors by & Subsequently Increased Sales by - Commerce Platform Sales Process, Angel Eyes, What's Trending, Trends, Tips, Women, Beauty Trends, Counseling

How Angel Eyes Reduced Order Processing Errors by 99% & Subsequently Increased Sales by 10% - B2B Commerce Platform | Pepperi

France-based Eyewear company Angel Eyes established their business 10 years ago as a distributor for William Morris Eyewear. Within 2 years, they were developing their own collections of designer eyewear, including the popular Vinyl Factory and Freak Show brands. It seems inconceivable in this day and age that a

Death of a Sales Rep—by e-commerce? Don’t Hold Your Breath…Forrester forecasts that a million sales reps will lose their jobs to e-commerce by The outlook, however, may not be so bleak. Hold You, Ecommerce, Breathe, Garden Sculpture, Trends, Tips, E Commerce, Beauty Trends, Counseling

Death of a Sales Rep—by B2B e-commerce? Don’t Hold Your Breath..

For sales reps, the benefits of B2B e-commerce are evident, while consumers are demanding an integrated B2C-like online experience