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Blue Ocean Strategy PowerPoint Template

Blue Ocean Strategy PowerPoint Template

Discover the market available with the blue ocean strategy templates for PowerPoint. Download now, save time and profit from the highest quality.

Innovation Balanced Scorecard (Step1/5): Design your Innovation Strategy Map « Innovation Beats

Innovation Balanced Scorecard (Step1/5): Design your Innovation Strategy Map

The innovation strategy map is the graphical representation of your innovation strategy, the idea behind this tool is to see all the links between the strategic objectives and how are aligned to th…

Growth Hacking Roadmap

Growth Hacking Roadmap

The growth hacking roadmap that summarizes how startups can maximize the growth of their most valuable customers. It also summarizes the actionable analytics g…


The Startup Theory: Define, De-risk, Experiment | Tapptitude

A proper lean canvas, a killer UVP and the good old actionable metrics are the first steps of an efficient business plan. Details on the matter, right here.

Ten Types of Innovation

Ten Types of Innovation Infographic

By far one of the most interesting books on innovation of the last few years is “Ten Types of Innovation: the discipline of building breakthroughs” by Keeley. At the time of publishing he was director of the firm Doblin, however the firm has recently been acquired by Deloite. The Ten Types of Innovation explain different forms of innovation, bundles in three categories. Because I believe this book should be present [&hellip