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Struggling to forecast your pipeline? Worried about your level of customer service? Frustrated with poor lead quality? Concerned your sales team isn't spending enough time actually selling? Read on...

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What is a CRM System?
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What is a CRM System?

A CRM system has the power to transform an organization from a disorganized group of disparate teams to a lean, efficient, revenue generating machine. But what…

Timing is Everything: Understanding B2B Buyer Behavior
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Timing is Everything: Understanding B2B Buyer Behavior

B2B buyer activity and research peaks at different times of the year, week, and day. Software Advice conducted a study gathering data from six million unique v…

Understanding the buyer's journey

Salesforce Blog - News, tips, and insights from the global cloud leader

We know our buyers’ preferences are changing. They’re social, they’re mobile, they’re in-the-know, and they prefer to do research on their own before reaching out to a sales rep. For today’s sales reps, this can be especially frustrating. How can reps keep up with their buyers during the research

A step-by-step guide to sales success
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Sales Cloud CRM Resource Center

Learn how to get more sales with the Sales Cloud

The Key Trends Facing Customer Service Organizations

Help Desk Software

Find expert tips and best practices for making awesome service your secret ingredient.

Customer Service Support for Fast-Growing Companies

Help Desk Software

Salesforce SMB Help Desk Package unifies inquiries across channels into one view, instantly giving agents personalized info. See customer service CRM plans.

Anatomy of Google Analytics
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Find your way around Analytics - Analytics Help

Anatomy of Google Analytics

10 Best Practices to Improve Customer Service

10 Best Practices to Improve Customer Service