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Photo from NASA Mars orbiter shows wind's handiwork Nasa Photos, Nasa Images, Water On Mars, Rift Valley, Deep Space, The Martian, Retro Futurism, Original Image, Dune

Dunes of Mars - NerdBeach

Across the southern Martian Noachis Terra region, sand patterns are created by wind blown sand, resulting in unique forms whose structure is dependent on the tiny size of Martian sand grains. Photograph: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona Related posts: Has NASA Found Irrefutable Proof of Water on Mars? NASA Photos Appear toRead More →

The NASA rover Curiosity, which arrived on Mars in August will reach one year spent on the planet – in local time – on Tuesday, equivalent to 687 Earth days. NASA’s main goal for the probe was t Nasa Curiosity Rover, Curiosity Mars, Curiosity Tattoo, Cosmos, Sistema Solar, Sonda Curiosity, Nasa Rover, Red Planet, Mars Planet

According to Curiosity, Mars Could Have Supported Life - NerdBeach

Life on Mars – From Ray Bradbury to NASA, we have an undying fascination with what mysteries the red planet could hold. And now, courtesy of NASA’s Curiosity, we have one more to add to the list: nitrogen traces that could have been used by living organisms. Now, this doesn’tRead More →

Pluto’s Big Moon Charon Reveals a Colorful and Violent History NASA - New Horizons Mission logo. 2015 NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has returned the best color and the highest resolution. Sistema Solar, Cosmos, Nasa New Horizons, Dwarf Planet, Big Moon, Advantages Of Solar Energy, Spiegel Online, Our Solar System, To Infinity And Beyond

One Day On Pluto (and Its Moon Charon) - NerdBeach

Nasa has released a collage of photos that shows a full day of rotation for lonely Pluto and its moon Charon. The pictures were taken by NASA's New Horizons space probe as it did a flyby.

Mars' large moon Phobos is slowly falling toward the planet. In million years, it'll shatter, and its pieces will form a Saturn-like ring around Mars. Mars Gravity, Cosmos, Curiosity Mars, Mars Pictures, Science And Technology News, Mysterious Universe, Big Moon, Planetary Science, Astronomy Science

The Rings of ... Mars? - NerdBeach

It could be that our close neighbor planet Mars is going to imitate Saturn and get rings of its own. That is, after Phobos is finally pulled apart by Mars. Already Phobos, the largest of Mars’ two moons, is lined with what is thought to be “lunar stretch marks”.Read More →

This Is What Gravitational Waves Sound Like - NerdBeach Gravitational Waves, Here On Earth, Livingston, Sounds Like, Einstein, Space, Floor Space, Livingstone

This Is What Gravitational Waves Sound Like - NerdBeach

For the first time ever, scientists here on Earth have proof of the gravitational waves produced from two black holes colliding in the form of a detectable chirp. This not only confirms much of Einstein’s theory in this area, but opens the door to many more amazing postulates that noRead More →

image Sounds Like, Planets, Space, Floor Space

What Do The Planets Sound Like? - NerdBeach

We all know that sound does not travel in a vacuum. But this does not mean that there isn’t electromagnetic vibrations present that are in the range of human hearing (20hz – 20khz). So, if we took those frequencies and converted them to sound, we could actually “hear” the planets.Read More →

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Apollo 10 And The Mysterious Music From The Dark Side Of The Moon - NerdBeach

When Apollo 10 first crossed the barrier into the dark side of the moon in 1969, the astronauts reported, and recorded, strange sounds over their headsets. They described the sounds as “outer-space type music”, but could not determine the source. NASA tagged the records and kept them buried for 40 years.Read More →