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Raw/no-bake "creativity" bites

Remember Use-up November? Well it's use-Up daily in my Household :-D I posted a Picture of my overloaded pantry back then -JESUS it was a lot. But I am getting there :-) That's how this recipe came to life! Using up stuff I have kicking about like nut meal... This is an easy, no-bake recipe…

Mein Testbericht der Basenbox-Kur! Trials, Nutrition, Vegetables, Blog, Veggie Food, Vegetable Recipes, Veggies, Impala

BASENBOX Trial & Review

[Dear English speakers: I am presenting a food delivery concept made in Vienna. If you live in Vienna but your german isn't that fit yet but you want to know more- let me know, I will tell you personally :-)] Seien wir ehrlich- für unsere Probleme suchen wir nach einfachen Lösungen. Nach Simplizität. Convenience. Das…

My personal journey and experiences so far! Hormonal Acne, Along The Way, Healing, Journey, Nutrition, Skin Care, Blog, Skincare Routine, The Journey

Hormonal acne

Late 2016 I decided to quit poisoning my body with fake hormones. This meant transitioning from 11-12 years of the contraceptive pill to a non-hormone alternative. It all went pretty well, but I was aware that there may be some "side-effects" along the way. After all- you can say your body is "recovering". Early spring…

Debunking myths -speaking facts Plant Based Diet, Cabbage, Nutrition, Facts, Vegan, Vegetables, Healthy, Blog, Veggie Food

Thoughts and Facts on Veganism

Dear Readers, together with my friend and colleague Melanie (Fit Me-licious Blog) we sought out to give veganism, so the 100% plantbased diet, a good rational look at. We wanted to look at it's aspects regarding facts and myths with only a small touch of personal (non-scientific) view. Melanie is a healthy and fit flexitarian…

How to Smoothiebowl: make your own and get inspired by this Basic guide and recipe! Soul Food, Acai Bowl, Nutrition, Vegan, Meals, Inspired, Breakfast, Desserts, Blog


[deutsche Version findet ihr unter dem englischen Teil] [EN] Smoothiebowls are a great way to nourish yourself …well actually any time of the day :-D I prefer it as my first meal, sometimes as dessert in a smaller portion. Anyhow- the secret to a gorgeous bowl is to get the texture and creaminess right. One…

Easy to make - vegan - so delicious it feels naughty! Spirulina, Matcha, Soul Food, Baked Goods, Banana Bread, Cravings, Raspberry, Nutrition, Beef

Raspberry Banana Bread

So here is the deal. I love eating. I like baked goods. But I am crap at baking- and I tend to use things in ways they were not intended to be used for. So this happened :-D I have been craving banana-bread for a while now (probably because I've been training like a mad-woman…

10 pro-tips for all-inclusive Holidays! Weight management hacks to keep you happy and sane! Available in Deutsch & English. Inclusive Holidays, All Inclusive, Holiday Deals, Weight Management, Are You Happy, Nutrition, English, Hacks, Meals

Weight Management

[english / deutsch] Sometime in your holiday-lifetime you may or may not be confronted with all-inclusive holiday deals. All inclusive means three meals a day and up to three snacks between meals per day and unlimited alcohol. Some of you may be thinking 'Holy shit- I am never doing that' whereas for others it may…

5 pro-tips to enjoy holidays and vacation without the backlash of weight-gain, demotivation and hard feelings! Available in German and English. Weight Gain, Beach Mat, Cruise, Outdoor Blanket, German, Nutrition, English, Holidays, Vacation

How to cruise through Holidays w/o a dietary meltdown

[english version below] Wir kennen alle diesen Spruch " man wird nicht zwischen Weinachten und Silvester dick sondern zwischen Silvester und Weihnachten blabla...". Stimmt ja auch, 11 1/2 Monate Zeit um genau zu sein! Dennoch kann ich die Sorge vieler Individuen, insbesondere meiner Klienten verstehen, wenn es um die Zeit rund um Weihnachten und Neujahr…