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Remi Idowu - Food Blogger on Instagram: "Moist carrot cake is a super easy dessert recipe to make and everyone loves it. 250ml sunflower oil 3 medium eggs 3 tablespoons of natural yoghurt 250g light brown sugar 1 orange zest 300g grated carrots 275g self raising flour 1.5 tsp bicarbonate of soda 1 tsp nutmeg 2 tsp ground ginger 2 tsp ground cinnamon 100 g walnuts/chopped pecans frosting: 100g butter 125g cream cheese 700g icing sugar #carrotcake #carrot #cake ##easyrecipe #foodpage #foodies #foodposts #foodgram #recipeideas #recipeshare #easyrecipe #foodrecipe #instarecipe #quickrecipes #ukfood #ukfoodie #ukfoodblogger #foodblogging #foodblogs #foodbloguk #foodbloggeruk #recipevideo #recipevideos"
Remi Idowu - Food Blogger on Instagram: "Strawberry Cake with a Sweet Crunchy Streusel topping! This is my series boxed cakes but better where I show you how to enhance a average boxed cake. Ingredients: 1 boxed strawberry cake 250ml milk 125g melted butter 3 eggs 50g caster sugar Streusel Topping: 65g granulated sugar 80g plain flour 45g unsalted butter melted #boxedcakebutbetter #cakerecipe #strawberrycake"
Taralynn on Instagram: "Sharing a delicious no-fail breakfast recipe on the blog today! It doesn’t get easier than these baked blueberry oatmeal blender bars! They’re made with simple ingredients like almond butter, oats, bananas, sea salt, cinnamon, honey, almond milk, and blueberries! Head over to the blog to print this recipe 🫐🥣😊 #bakedoats #blueberry #healthybreakfast #glutenfree #dairyfree"
Taralynn on Instagram: "4-ingredient cinnamon sticky buns! I grew up on this delicious recipe, and it’s still one of my absolute favorites! Nothing better than waking up to the smell of baked cinnamon buns. 🌷☕️ Head over to the blog to see how they’re made! 😋🥰☕️🥣"
Taralynn on Instagram: "Pink cold cream foam makes everything better 💕☕️ Sharing these fun oat milk Valentines Day coffee drinks on my blog today! Are you team cold or hot coffee?? #coffee #homebarista #pinkcoldcream #coldcream #coldfoam #pinkcoffee"
Taralynn on Instagram: "Yes, I love to blast Elton John while baking ☕️🥣 I just shared this delicious cinnamon spice zucchini bread recipe on my blog 🖤 it’s so easy to make and soooooo moi (I won’t finish the word out of respect 😂) #baking #zucchini #zucchinibread"
Taralynn on Instagram: "The Best Sausage & Veggie Quiche Recipe with a Flaky Crust! + sourdough options! Recipe is live on my blog 🥖🫑🍅🥚🧅🥬🥐 #quiche #sourdoughdiscard #recipes #brunch"
Deanna Talwalkar | Enneagram Coach & IG Mentor on Instagram: "Here’s why this is one of my favorite types of  Enneagram posts … The Enneagram can be a fun and enlightening self-awareness tool. But are you using it to understand others? To help you truly see, hear and know them?  Especially if you are in a job or career where you are dealing with, developing, or simply helping others, the Enneagram is so much more than just a self-awareness tool.  Just by understanding some of the simple things listed in these slides, you can avoid conflict, communicate more effectively, and help others feel known. So, if you want to create safe, accepting spaces for others, are you using the Enneagram? It’s so powerful in the workplace, in organizations, in families, and in one-to-one settings.  And you don’t have to know all the things about the Enneagram to do this. You don’t have to be a certified Enneagram coach or expert to get the benefits of it for  yourself or for your people. Some things to consider: - understanding how we communicate based on Type can help avoid conflict and confusion - we all respond to stress differently based on Type, so that other person’s actions may not have anything to do with you - we are motivated by different things based on our Type and we can embrace that to help us grow and achieve - some Types are just waiting for you to ask them for their help Just some weekend thoughts about implementing the Enneagram beyond ourselves💫 >> if you want to learn about expanding the Enneagram beyond yourself, check out my stories today all about our new program Expanded Enneagram - a 2 week live program all about  fluently speak about and understand the Enneagram and how to use it to help you lead others with confidence + so much more. . . #enneagram #enneagram2 #enneagram3 #enneagramcoach #enneagramcoaching #personalitytypes #enneagram4 #mbti #enneagramtypes #enneagram1  #enneagram5 #enneagram6 #enneagram7 #enneagram8 #enneagram9 #expandedenneagram"
Vashti Harrison on Instagram: "Shrink plastic process! 🚨PLS READ warning below!🚨 TIPS & WARNING 1. Only use number six type plastic, you can look at the bottom of your plastic containers to find the number. 6 means it is polystyrene which changes shape under low temperatures and IS OVEN SAFE. Other types of plastics can melt in your oven and emit gases and fumes that you do NOT want to breathe in. Number 6 plastics are often called clamshells, usually a thinner more flexible type of takeout container. (If you’re nervous you can just buy the branded shrink plastics that have directions like Shrinky Dinks or Grafix) 2. Don’t leave in the oven for too long (3 min tops), don’t use higher temperatures than 325f. Work in a ventilated space. Supervise, do not leave unattended! 3. If you choose to sand your plastic like I did, definitely use a mask while doing that. those little particles will fly around, and you do not want to breathe that in! You can work directly on the plastic with paint markers or sharpies without sanding, but adding some texture allows dry media pigments to adhere to the plastic. 4. Use caution when cutting especially tight lines and corners, the plastic has a tendency to snap and break, so I tend to use short direct cuts never curving around too tight of corners. Edges may be SHARP! 5. Colors will darken in the oven, which is why it worked for me to do a light coat with my colored pencils. I colored both the front and back because you might be able to see through. After shrinking, you might want to fix with fixative or acrylic spray. Even if using some sort of resin or topcoat. ***Many artist-grade art materials and supplies are toxic in one way or another so please use caution when crafting!***"
Black Women Who Love Plants 🌿- Creative Group | I noticed something wrong with one of my Peace Lily’s🥹🥹what can I do to help her 🥺🥺😭😢
Sierra Ann♡ on Instagram: "if you dont like zucchini try this zucchini lasagna bowl ✨  #cooking #food #easyrecipes #dinnerideas"
Muse Paintbar on Instagram: "Our Friday meme paint nights are a whole vibe 😂 who else is feeling fiery Elmo today 🙋‍♀️ #musepaintbar #paintandsip #paintbar #paintnight #meme #elmomemes"
Tristen A. Peters on Instagram: "Me: “wow I’m painting such a straight line!” Inner me: *twitches hand* Come join meme night at @muse_paintbar and paint Kermit’s Dark Side"