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App Development Tips

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Polestar Tech Consultancy is an android app development company known for its sound quality and timely deliverables.  With an experience spanning more than 7 years and 200 successful projects, the company has proven itself as a top Android App development company with services including Web Development, Mobile App Development.

Top 50+ Android App Development Companies 2020 Aug-2020

Polestar Tech Consultancy is a top web and mobile app development company. provides services like website development, application development, SEO and Digital Marketing.

Visit Website With over 12 years in operation, CodeIT is a name synonymous with iOS app development that has time and again raised the bar of excellence. The software development agency is known globally for digitally transforming startups, SMEs, government organizations, and other businesses alike. With their smooth, successful, and sound implementation of numerous full-cycle software development projects, from the very idea to quality software products; the company has well carved its…

Top 50+ iPhone And iOS Mobile App Companies Jul-2020

Software Development services to any business from startups to enterprises. We turn your business into software reality because we know how!

Software, however, has been a different story. Progress has slowed to crawl, and applications these days simply aren’t taking advantage of the horsepower we have on tap that today’s hardware brings us. But when it comes to app development, let’s understand why we need multi-platform apps and how it’s going to impact the industries in the coming decade.

Will Cross-Platform Development Be The Future Of Apps?

Cross-platform app development has tremendously shaped the current scenario of app development. Read more to find out whether it will carry on the legacy.

Programming apps for kids has always been a tedious task. The use of technology, interface, design, and other aspects of app development for kids has to be strictly aligned in focus to develop a perfect application. A number of designers and developers fail to understand this and hence, get stuck when asked to develop an application specifically for kids.

Factors to Consider While Developing Engaging Mobile Apps for Kids

Mobile apps for all age groups can’t be the same, and if the app is for the kids, the developers and designers need to pay extra attention during the development phase.

Food delivery app development, in particular, are gaining popularity. People usually don’t have any time for grocery shopping as well as cooking, or simply don’t even want to waste the limited time they have to do these things.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App Like Postmates?

Postmates is one of the best food delivery apps in the US region and there is every reason why every other food delivery startup should imitate its business model.

This blog is for everyone with an interest in mobile app development. Whether you are a seasoned expert or newbie thinking of switching to Swift, we have something for everyone. This is a step-by-step guide about becoming a pro at Swift.

Here is What Makes You a Pro-Swift Developer

If you are an aspiring iOS app developer, make yourself aware of the Apple backed Swift language and its applications and here is the guide for the same.

Indeed, mobile apps have become crucial in the modern business world, and are proven to add on to the conversion and can be an excellent way to create a smashing impression by imparting a pleasant user experience. And if you have a business app, a backup mobile app server is a must.  In this write-up, we will pull up some tips that will help you host your mobile business app.

Tips to Host Your Business Mobile App

With the surge of business apps, the need for hosting is also on the rise, and here are some mobile app hosting tips that can make the most of it.

To turn your simple and basic website into a not-so-basic Progressive Web App or simply speaking into a PWA is actually a smart move to follow. But unfortunately, many are still not aware of this little trick that can help their business a great deal.  But before we proceed towards the reasons on why you need to turn your website into a PWA, we should start by stating what actually is a Progressive Web App.

Progressive Web Apps: Why You No Longer Need Websites

This article showcases the process of transforming your website into a Progressive Web App while answering the question of why PWAs are the new trend.

Websites are a valuable resource that supports businesses by providing a steady sales platform to the customers. Overall, a website can be referred to as a cost-efficient tool for communication between a company and its clients.

Why You Need To Transform Website Into An Android Or iOS App

We have listed down the top reasons on why you should convert your website into a mobile app. This transformation can even benefit your business and brand.

The jump to cross-platform Kotlin development is witnessed at a time when more and more apps are pouring in. This year, enterprises like Netflix, Uber, Trello, and Airbnb have already embraced Kotlin to build their app.  But why exactly is Kotlin getting more popular as against Java and which is the best app development language? Let’s find out “is kotlin better than java?”

Kotlin Vs Java: Know Which is The Best Programming Language for Android App Development?

Are you weighing Kotlin and Java for the development of your next application? Check out this guide and know which language will suit your project idea.

When we talk about framework, it comes down to native apps vs hybrid apps. Here we’ll specifically talk about the hybrid app framework and the best ones, but before that, you might need to be accustomed to the basic differences to proceed. For developers who are aware know which one to root for but for those who do not know, the following explains the differences between the two.

Best 5 Hybrid App Frameworks that you need to make rocking Apps in 2020

What do you think will be the best hybrid app framework of 2020? Check out the best and worst of the most popular frameworks.

Well, React Native is essentially an open-source, cross-platform framework for mobile application development, which was launched by Facebook to create extensive apps for iOS and Android smartphones.  Technology giants like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Pinterest, and even one of the most innovative companies of our century, Tesla, have turned towards React Native mobile app development to develop their apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

10 Solid Reasons to Choose React Native for Mobile App

React Native is popular among app developers, but do you know what all factors make this framework a must-have for mobile app development?

When coders develop a website, they leave a set of instructions open-source. The point when another web-service (software that is hosted on an internet URL) tries to communicate with the first website, it does so with the assistance of this open-source code. In sophisticated terms, the codes are called applications, or in technical words an API.

API Development Best Practices (with an introduction for beginners)

APIs act as mediators between web services simplifying the process of inter-app communication with their architecture backed by good design elements.

Mobile app development has become the most significant sector indisputably for the last few years, and it only seems to grow exponentially. There are millions of job opportunities in this field for every level of skill and every location possible on the planet.  Companies are continually looking for new talent in the levels of programming- interns and experts, juniors and seniors, everyone is welcome.

Here is What Makes You a Pro-Swift Developer

If you are an aspiring iOS app developer, make yourself aware of the Apple backed Swift language and its applications and here is the guide for the same.

Businesses are coming up with intelligent applications, integrated with AI and ML enabled features. Hence, it is becoming tough for existing apps to survive in their respective industries.   Are you among those old market players, who are facing reduced user engagement or retention due to the upgraded rivals, armed with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning deployments?

How to Implement Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in an Existing App?

To stay ahead of your competition, learn why you should integrate AI and ML in your existing app or the next app that you might develop.

For developers who are into the development of cross-platform apps, it is essential to consider a few questions. The most important one is, which tools have the flexibility to allow further changes in the app? And to answer such a question, we have come up with a list of the most used and trending mobile development tools suggested by top developers.

Best Tools for Multi Platform Mobile App Development

As app developers' says, the best way to develop cross formatted mobile apps is to use different cross-platform tools, and therefore, we have come up with a list of the same.