Harley Quinn

I want to do Harley Quinn so bad. With my guy as the Joker of course. :) Y'know, if I had a guy. Halloween or cosplay.

Meg, haha! Love the hair !

Megara cosplay from Hercules > WOAH HOLYHAIR. awesome though :P hahaha but the bangs look a little on the ridiculous side. If megara was a person I dont think she would have enough hair gel to do this on a daily basis :P

Assassin Girls (Cosplay 2)  Wanting something similar! <3

-- Cool Idea: Make your own Assassin character! -- Adam Patrick Murray: Assassin Girls (Cosplay Wanting something similar! Not so reavely though!

Nel cosplay - Bleach

One of my Favorite Character Female Anime . Always wanted to try cosplaying as Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck from Bleach.

Yoruichi Shihouin - Bleach

Yoruichi Shihouin cosplay from Bleach If I had this skin tone I would be her every year!

Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy) (Gender-Bend) Cosplay by: Nicole Marie Jean - Imgur

An up close look at recent Vincent Valentine Amazing! nicolejeancosplay: “ My female Vincent Valentine. Costume/props made by me.

Erza Scarlet's Heart Kreuz Armor

Erza Scarlet's Heart Kreuz Armor : Couters (Elbows)

Hello again beautiful people! So this was my first cosplay attempt EVER, Erza Scarlet’s Heart Kreuz Armor from the anime Fairy Tail.


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Character: Bayonetta / From: Platinum Games 'Bayonneta' Video Game Series / Cosplayer: Yuna

An Unusual Ezio Auditore da Firenze - Delta Attack

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