<3  try on kimonos

There are studios in Japan where they will style you as a Maiko and you can walk around the city. Although they intentionally make small details different many people will photograph them.

cherry blossom ave.

Funny pictures about Cherry Blossom Avenue. Oh, and cool pics about Cherry Blossom Avenue. Also, Cherry Blossom Avenue photos.

have Japanese Sweets "Wagashi"

Wagashi (tea confectionery) made to represent spring water and sakura (cherry) blossoms. The artist is trying to give you the "feeling" you might have if you were watching blossoms floating in the fresh spring water as you sip your tea.

"Castle in the Sky - Remains of Takeda-jo Castle" Japan

Takeda-jo castle above the sea of clouds located in Asago city, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan 「天空の城」兵庫県朝来市の竹田城跡