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Small Business Blog

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Structural Methods to Increase Your Working Capital - Royalty Business Lending

When a business increases its working capital, it can utilize that capital as a means to help grow the business further. However, it is important to keep in mind that you do not need to utilize traditional business financing as a means to improve the capital for your business. There are plenty of other methods …

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Need Cash to Grow Your Business?!

Do you own a successful business that needs financing to expand? Are you an investor who needs capital to purchase real estate?Royalty Business Lending provi...

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Business Credit Score 101: What You Need to Know - Royalty Business Lending

Businesses sometimes need to apply for loans just as individuals or families do. To determine whether it’s safe to lend money to your business, lenders look at your business credit score, which operates similarly to your personal credit score. Four organizations that calculate business credit scores are Dun and Bradstreet, Experian, Equifax, and FICO. Dun …

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The Basics of Cash Flow Management for Your Small Business - Royalty Business Lending

When you run any kind of business, cash flow is generally vital. The more that you know about this important aspect of operations, the better you will be able to manage the available cash for your business – as well as work to create financing as needed. While increasing profits is also crucial, higher profits …

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Employee Retention Strategies to Maintain your Business Team - Royalty Business Lending

Employee retention is important for company success as well as morale. While you can’t keep all employees from leaving the company, there are things you can do that help employees feel more comfortable in the organization so they’re more likely to stay. 1. Make your compensation and perks competitive Competitive compensation and perks will give …

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Entrepreneur's Guide to Unsecured Business Lines of Credit - Royalty Business Lending

At some point in every small business person’s life, there will be an unexpected expense or a cash flow shortfall that leaves you in a bind, with nowhere to turn for a fast solution to the problem. Situations like these are exactly what unsecured business lines of credit are used for, especially if you don’t …

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The Pros of Small Business Debt Consolidation - Royalty Business Lending

Business debt is a fact of life for most small business owners. For many, this can be remedied with profits or with a few strategic business moves. There are times when this just isn’t enough, and the company finds itself needing to make some difficult decisions. This is where making the choice to consolidate debt …

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Sustainable Business Practices to Implement for an Eco-Friendly Business - Royalty Business Lending

Taking a few steps toward environmental conservation can be good for your business. As a sustainable business, you’re likely to save money long term while saving energy, and you’ll add richness to your company story as you work to preserve natural resources. Customers are drawn to businesses that stand for positive change in the world–and …

How Mezzanine Financing can Benefit your CRE Business - Royalty Business Lending Benefit, Royalty, Real Estate, Canning, Business, Blog, Royals, Real Estates

How Mezzanine Financing can Benefit your CRE Business - Royalty Business Lending

The challenges combined with opportunities in real estate sometimes lead to new ways of making deals happen. For instance, there are all sorts of loans available, especially for buyers or sellers who may not want to go through traditional financing methods. This could be due to variables like equity, collateral, overall risk, credit history or …

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Success Tips for Potential Business Partners - Royalty Business Lending

A bad partnership can ruin even the best business idea, so it’s crucial to start your start-up right. Heed our tips for a successful business partnership: • Choose a known quantity: Partner with someone you’ve worked well (and closely) with before. If you don’t have history together, start with small projects to test your compatibility …

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Are Working Capital Loans Right for You? - Royalty Business Lending

Every company needs working capital to stay afloat, and ideally, you want as much of this money as possible to come from the cash your company generates after expenses are paid off. However, there may be times when there is a necessary expense or perhaps there are some slow times in your business cycle. Working …

Marketing is a crucial part of running your small business. Whether you’re a new small business owner or you’re a longtime entrepreneur, you’ll want to check out our marketing tips. Simple Prayers, Business Funding, Young Entrepreneurs, Job Posting, Stay Happy, Bee Happy, Be Your Own Boss, Successful People, Marketing Plan

What Are the Best Small Business Funding Options? - Royalty Business Lending

Many people assume the only way to get small business funding is to put on an uncomfortable suit and bring a huge accordion file of paperwork to a foreboding bank office. Nothing could be further from the truth, though, and in fact, bank loans are usually one of the last things you want to apply …

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Turning Your Business Into a Viable Franchise - Royalty Business Lending

Turning your business into a franchise can be a tremendous way to expand or spread your brand. Your attention to detail will be the key to your success. It will take a lot of time, effort, and research to be successful but the payoff will be worthwhile and rewarding. Whether you hire a franchise consultant, …

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What Every Commercial Real Estate Investor Should Know - Royalty Business Lending

Investing experts talk about the importance of a diversified portfolio. This may mean stock, hard assets, bonds and real estate. The advantage of investing in real estate is that it tends to fluctuate less rapidly than stocks, but appreciate more quickly than bonds. Property is on land, which is a finite resource, and it is …

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Tips for Small Business Growth | Royalty Business Lending

If you're a business owner concerned about small business growth, here are several low-cost ways that you can boost your company's appeal and bottom line.

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Commercial Real Estate Investing 101 | Royalty Biz Lending

Commercial real estate investing can be a lucrative and exciting way to make money. If you are interested in investing but need help with financing call us!