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It's entirely appropriate to kill a fly with a sledgehammer... sometimes

Major General Smedley Butler, twice decorated with the Medal of Honor, exposes war as a racket. Marine Corps Quotes, Usmc Quotes, Military Quotes, Military Life, Military History, Funny Military, Military Service, Once A Marine, My Marine

War Is A Racket, by Major General Smedley Butler, 1935

Major General Smedley Butler, twice decorated with the Medal of Honor, exposes war as a racket.

Nearly every major Federal Agency tarnished by scandal under obama. Please register and vote on Nov to save our country from Obama and his band of thugs. No Damn Democrats, elections are coming. Sharia Law is the War against Women. Barack Obama, Obama Lies, Diesel, All Presidents, Hidden Agenda, Out Of Touch, Thing 1, Thats The Way, D Day

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“The worst president ever #Nobama #ZeroRespect #SupportOurTroops”

Go NFL! It’s really very simple. One is an outfit. The other is a violation of the first amendment to the constitution. Kneeling for the anthem was NEVER about disrespecting the troops. Stop making shit up to justify Trump’s agenda. Liberal Hypocrisy, Liberal Logic, Liberal Left, Out Of Touch, Political Views, Political Topics, Conservative Politics, Whats Wrong, Trump

Screw the NF....haven't watched football since they started taking knees. Don't care what they have to say & now don't care to watch or buy their products. Not calling for a boycott or anything, it's just we're sick & tired of the double standard. They bully TIm Teboe & Alejandro Villanueva for expressing their 1st amendment right and cherry pick who they want dictating their political views. We only wanted to watch football, not have someone's political agenda shoved down our throats!

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An Army Vet Is Using Tumblr To Put Military Life Into Perspective

"Knowing you have someone to count on..."

US Army/Iraq Vet, Airborne (Air Assault), MP Co. South Florida born and raised, Italian,. Military Quotes, Military Humor, Military Veterans, Military Life, Military Box, Army Humor, Army Quotes, Military Spouse, Military Personnel

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