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The Geeks Arrive In HR: People Analytics Is Here - Forbes

The Geeks Arrive In HR: People Analytics Is Here

The old fashioned fuddy-duddy HR department is changing. The Geeks have arrived. Today, for the first time in the fifteen years I've been an analyst, human resources departments are getting serious about analytics. And I mean serious. I was in a meeting several weeks ago in San Francisco and we had eight PhD statisticians, [...]

Data-Driven Marketing Survey 2013, Europe [#Infographic]

Data-Driven Marketing Survey 2013, Europe [#Infographic]

5 beneficios del #marketing predictivo. Vía @InformaBTL

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Artificial Intelligence is Not Killing Jobs

Infographic: How artificial intelligence will reinvent the workplace

Do you think artificial intelligence will eliminate jobs? This fascinating infographic deflates the myths relating to robotics and the future of work.

Predictive Marketing: The Time is Now #infographic

Predictive Marketing ¿qué es?

Con Predictive Marketing podemos adelantarnos a los deseos de los consumidores y ofrecerles lo que quieren en tiempo real.

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Customer Analytics ¿para qué sirve? | El Marsupio

Customer Analytics parece estar de moda pero, ¿para qué sirve? ¿qué beneficios obtiene la empresa prediciendo su comportamiento? He aquí las respuestas