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The core expertise of K Company's consultants is the strategic insight they bring onto each project. They turn complex things simple and align different visions on the same goal.

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SocialChamps is an award-winning acclaimed digital marketing agency in India. Being a focused Social Media Agency; Reach us for results-driven SEM, SMM, SEO & Content Marketing services.

How Businesses Stay Connected [INFOGRAPHIC] - 123Print Blog

Let’s recap some impressive Social Media stats from 2012. For example: 1 Million websites have integrated with Facebook 23% of users check Facebook 5 times or more daily 56% of customer tweets are being ignored 34% of marketers have generated leads on Twitter Google’s +1 button is used 5 million times a day A new study from Manta of more than 600 small businesses showed that 90% of small business owners are actively engaged in social networking sites. The action is clear – it is crucial that…

As mobile becomes an increasingly important part of marketing, this infographic from Antenna Software focuses on the rise of ‘mobile’ specific job roles, which is particularly timely as 2 out of 5 people are thought to look for a new job in January.

Rise of the Mobile Strategist in the US and UK.

The State And Trends Of Mobile Internet: Browse and move! These are the global trends of mobile interenet in an app addicted world.

Smartphone Penetration: North America vs Europe

The Latest Online Trends,Analysis,News,Research on web advertising, Search Marketing,Mobile and social media .

Moving business online – Going Digital

Going Digital: The Future of Insurance [Infographic]

This infographic courtesy keeps us informed on all aspects of the insurance industry. It looks at current trends in the insurance industry and how the digital revolution will affect insurers.

Social Media Infographics - The History Of Marketing. History of marketing Channels. Mobile Marketing, Business Marketing, Marketing And Advertising, Content Marketing, Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Business Infographics, Marketing Tactics

History of #MarketingChannels

Digital advertising for global brands. Solutions include digital out-of-home, connected TV and audio channels. Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Display Ads, Advertising Ideas, Social Media Usage, Social Media Statistics, Social Media Marketing, Sports Scores, Socialism
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How we Use Connected Devices

Now that I'm fully immersed in building multichannel executions through responsive design, I pay particular attention to how customers use the web, mobile, social, tablets, and iTV, including noting my own habits. Nielsen just published a new study on connected devices. Interesting to note: Social Media — 44% of 18-24 year old and close to 50% of 25-34 year old are visiting social networking sites on their smartphones during both commercials and programs while watching TV. Seeking…

The marketing impact of content strategy [infographic]

#Content influences everything in #Marketing - #Portent

It’s all about the cloud applications nowadays. What exactly is a cloud app, you ask? A cloud app is short for cloud application and is a software application that is accessed through the Inter…

Mobile or desktop? KissMetrics weighs on on how loading time affects your retail e-commerce bottom line! Inbound Marketing, Marketing En Internet, Marketing Digital, Content Marketing, Online Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Ideas, Media Marketing, Marketing Articles

How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line

Page loading time is obviously an important part of any website’s user experience. And many times we’ll let it slide to accommodate better aesthetic design, new nifty functionality or to add more content to web pages.

The mobile evolution, Scanning QR codes and mobile payments are getting more popular! Smartphone, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Ideas, Apps, Evolution, Web Design, Coding, Social Media, Qr Codes

The #Mobile evolution: how #smartphones have replaced previously unconnected #devices - #Consumers are becoming more aware of the potential of their devices. - #GlobalWebIndex

Infographic: The Internet of Things The Internet of Things includes everything from smartphone apps that control your homes lights and temperature from afar to real-time analytics that help ease traffic congestion and city parking woes, according to SAP. Marketing Trends, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Internet Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Plan, Business Marketing, Online Marketing, Big Data
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The demographic of tablet users Social Media Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Digital Strategy, Cloud Computing, Workplace, Told You So, Infographics, Twitter, Ideas

The #demographic of #TabletUsers - #GlobalWebIndex

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Bring new relevant ideas in existing structures