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"Innermost" coffin of 3 nested coffins) of King Tut from his tomb at Thebes, Egypt, Dynasty XVIII, Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient History, Art History, Egyptian Pharaohs, European History, Ancient Aliens, Egypt Museum, Cairo Museum, Art Ancien
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King Tut's tomb - Horus, son of the Goddess Isis, conceived from Osirus' remains. after he was murdered by Seth. Horus restored his father to life. The Eye of Horus watches over mankind. Egyptian Mythology, Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient History, European History, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Greece, American History, Egyptian Things, King Tut Tomb
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Ring found in Tutankhamun’s tomb. Hawk with outstretched wings, surmounted by sun disk. Carter Other side shows sun-barque in gold. On top / between them / a scarab in blue glass, to the head of which was fastened a gold crown. Egypt Jewelry, Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, Empire Romain, Art Antique, Egypt Art, Tutankhamun, Ancient Civilizations, Egypt Civilization, Ancient Artifacts
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Egyptian Turquoise with Scarab Tribal Jewelry, Turquoise Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Bling Jewelry, Silver Ring, Gold Jewellery, Jewelry Art, Silver Earrings, Egypt Jewelry
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Beautiful Egyptian design - Tutankhamun pectoral with solar and lunar elements. Cloisonné with carnelian, lapis lazuli, calcite, obsidian and coloured glass. At its centre is a chalcedony scarab, which has falcon legs and talons. Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, Ancient Egypt Fashion, Egyptian Scarab, Egyptian Mythology, Egyptian Goddess, Egypt Jewelry, Viking Jewelry, Egypt Art, Ancient Artifacts
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Egyptian Jewellery

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Portable shrine of AnubisAnubis, protector of the gates to the Underworld, seated atop a chest, detail, found in the Tomb of Tutankhamun Anubis or Anpu was the god of embalming and the dead. Egyptian Mythology, Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient Greece, Ancient History, European History, Ancient Aliens, American History, Egypt Museum, Fu Dog
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Anubis was on of Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddess , Anubis was a Greek name called for Man with a jackal head . Anubis was Protector of th. Egyptian Mythology, Egyptian Symbols, Egyptian Art, Life In Ancient Egypt, Ancient Art, Ancient History, Osiris Tattoo, 4 Tattoo, Gods And Goddesses


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One of the most well recognized Ancient Egyptian statues Menkaure and his Queen, Dynasty IV, ca. Graywacke, Currently located at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Ancient Egyptian Statues, Ancient Artifacts, Egyptian Pharaohs, Ancient History, Art History, Objets Antiques, Egypt Museum, Egypt Art, Giza Egypt
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Statue of Menkaure and Khamerernebty II Greywacke...

Statue of Menkaure and Khamerernebty IIGreywacke statue of King...

Gold amulet found on the mummy of Psusennes I, from Tanis. The two ladies amulet combines two important deities, the vulture goddess Nekhbet and the cobra goddess Wadjet, the titulary deities of Upper and Lower Egypt who signified the union of the. Kemet Egypt, Cairo Egypt, Egypt Jewelry, Egypt Museum, Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, Ancient Artifacts, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient History, Ancestry
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Gold amulet from Psusennes I's mummy. Egyptian national Museum. A bird-serpent with wings.

Bab el Luk, Cairo, Egypt - cartouche of Tutankhamun Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient History, Art History, European History, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Greece, American History, Egyptian Things, Egyptian Symbols
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Egyptische worden

grandegyptianmuseum: “ Back of a chair from the tomb of Tutankhamun BC) depicting the god Heh, spirit of the million years. Now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, Egyptian Things, Egyptian Goddess, Objets Antiques, Egypt Museum, Pagan Gods, Art Antique
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Tutankamon'un mezarından gün yüzüne çıkan Tutankamon'a ait tahtın arka yüzü. Tahtın sırt kısmının arka tarafında hükümdarın ve eşinin baş harfleri işlenmiştir. Tutankamon ve Ankhsenpaton. Mısır müzesi, Kahire , Mısır.

Ancient Egypt ©: From King Tut Exhibit (Photo: Scott Engelhardt) Ancient Egypt Pharaohs, Ancient Egypt History, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Greece, Egyptian Mythology, Egyptian Art, Egyptian Goddess, Cairo

Back of head dress of coffin

There were other queens who ruled Egypt in their own right, but only Hatshepsut did so as Pharaoh. Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient History, Royal Words, Egypt Museum, Valley Of The Kings, Archaeology, Statue, African Symbols, Queens
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Hatshepsut (ruler of Egypt)

Hatshepsut, female king of Egypt (reigned in her own right circa 1473–58 BCE) who attained unprecedented power for a woman, adopting the full titles and regalia of a pharaoh. She began as a conventional regent for her stepson, Thutmose III, but, by the seventh year of his reign, she had become the dominant coruler.

Jewelry Making Supplies Gold Silver Rose Gold Big Pendant Connector For DIY Long Pearls Necklace Jewellery Findings Accessories – Fine Sea Glass Jewelry Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, Art History, History Books, Egypt Jewelry, Modern Egypt, Egypt Museum, Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, Gold Jewellery Design
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Pectoral of Princess Mereret Gold pectoral...

Pectoral of Princess MereretGold pectoral complete with necklace...