Theodore Gericault(1791-1824)

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Cabeza de caballo blanco,1816. Museo del Louvre,Paris. Beautiful Horses, Art Boards, Louvre, Horse Shoes, Animals, Paintings, Google, Horse Head, Pictures Of Horses

Museo Louvre de París - reproducciones de cuadros y pinturas

todas las reproducciones del Museo Louvre de París por impresion digital o pintada al oleo sobre lienzo a medida

French School of the nineteenth century Based on Théodore Géricault Officer Chasseurs of the Imperial Guard charging Oil on canvas x cm x in). Comment: Based on the composition shown by Géricault at the Salon of and now preserved in Paris at the Louvre. Painting Digital, Oil Painting On Canvas, Oil Paintings, Canvas Art, Kunst Online, Landsknecht, Oil Painting Reproductions, Equine Art, Military Art

Oficial de cazadores a la carga

Officier de chasseurs à cheval de la garde imperiale chargeant,1812. Museo del Louvre,Paris.

THEODORE GERICAULT (French): Madwoman aka Insane Woman [Suffering from Obsessive Envy]. This is from a series of works Géricault did on the mentally ill. It is housed in the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, France. Caravaggio, Mad Women, Romantic Period, Francisco Goya, William Blake, Hieronymus Bosch, Oil Painting Reproductions, Peter Paul Rubens, Art History

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La Monomane de l´envie,1822. Musée des Beaux-Art,Lyon.

Théodore Géricault’s The Raft of the Medusa Oil on canvas, Louvre, Paris. ‘Compressed / like bodies on Medusa’s Raft, a frantic / mess of arms and legs! Caravaggio, Art Romantique, Museum Paris, Tableaux Vivants, Louvre Paris, Gustave Courbet, Classic Paintings, Oil Painting Reproductions, Psychedelic Art

File:JEAN LOUIS THÉODORE GÉRICAULT - La Balsa de la Medusa (Museo del Louvre, 1818-19).jpg

Le Radeau de la Méduse,1819.Museo del Louvre,París.

Théodore Géricault: "Riderless Racers at Rome", Walters Art Museum - Baltimore (United States - The Athenaeum Rome Painting, Jean Leon, Barbary Coast, Spring Carnival, Classical Antiquity, England, City Streets, North Africa, Horse Racing

File:Théodore Géricault - Riderless Racers at Rome,1817. Walters Art Museum,Baltimore.

Theodore Gericault Paysage Classique: Matin Date unknown Romanticism Italy In October, Rome, Jean Leon, Oil On Canvas, Canvas Prints, Photography Tags, Sistine Chapel, Paris Ville, Art Database

Landscape with a tomb

Shortly after failing to win the Prix de Rome, Géricault set off for Italy in October 1816. No sooner had he arrived in Rome than he visited the Sistine Chapel to admire Michelangelo’s frescos. But it was in the streets in particular that the young painter found his inspiration.

Curassier blesse, quittant le feu,1814. Museo del Louvre,Paris. Pdf Book, Grand Prix, Napoleon, Romans, My Books, Novels, Movie Posters, Charlotte, Louvre

Curassier blesse, quittant le feu - Theodore Gericault en reproducción impresa o copia al óleo sobre lienzo.

La obra de arte Curassier blesse, quittant le feu - Theodore Gericault cuadros entregados o impresos sobre lienzo barnizado, o impresiones sobre papel de calidad. Elección del formato de reproducción personalizado.