Sonoptic - YouTube

Sonoptic Audiovisuelle Installation Wintersemester Thema: Imagination und Erinnerung Music by: Morsa - Expectation Produktionsteam: Borowski Danielle, BSc Gif.

Sometimes you can catch Phoebe Violet around San Francisco, sometimes in Vienna.

ANIMAL MACHINE - Hornet - YouTube

music video from the austrian band ANIMAL MACHINE to the track "hornet" from the record "delirium tremens" recorded & mixed by Thomas Zalud at Primitive Stud.

RAYJAM - Creation - official video - YouTube

Music Video to the Track "CREATION" from the upcoming EP "Paramities" Camera, Light, Editing & Postproduction: Jakob Wallner, Nikolaus Giffinger Special than.

Reflexensum - YouTube

Reflexensum is the combination of real-life pixel animation using Sensacell and still footage of the newest part of Vienna - Seestadt Aspern.

SONOPTIC Vernissage AKTA - YouTube

SONOPTIC Vernissage AKTA - YouTube


Intertonale Add On Orchestra Surface Tension

Intertonale - Add On Orchestra - Split Time

Intertonale Add On Orchestra Kulturschock

"Fluchtlinien" is a video project from 2016 and was shot in Linz, Austria, with refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Chechnya and other conflict areas.