Uncover the mysterious world of the Templers and their intriguing history. Discover their traditions, artifacts, and influence that still captivate us today.
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Description It's been a while since I last posted, but I've been very, very busy. I'll try to post what I have time and approval to post up. This is one of the four pieces I finished as part of a cover for a new role-playing game system called the Narrative Game System, and their Kickstarter just went live here: www.kickstarter.com/projects/6… . (In the spirit of full disclosure, I only provided art--this isn't my project.) A fairly straightforward piece of a crusader-style knight. …

Raul Redondo
Merlin - The Knights of the Round Table Fantasy City, Fantasy Places, Fantasy World, Roi Arthur, Legend Of King, King Arthur Legend, Arthurian Legend, Fantasy Setting, Knights Templar

Arthurian legend is a conglomeration of stories told throughout the ages. Each new age/territory brings with it new takes on this popular legend. The wizard/prophet "Merlin" has a different historical name & plays a different role in each story he is mentioned in. The BBC TV series 'Merlin' adds its original take on the Arthurian legend for the modern age & follows a tradition by building upon the Arthurian legend for our time & for history. Thank you Merlin!

Katherine Cedoz