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Enhance your elementary teaching methods with these creative and engaging ideas. Discover effective strategies to make learning fun and impactful for your students.
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Happy November, teacher friends! I love this season so much in the classroom! You can really feel that the breaks are so close and Christmas is in the air! Sometimes, along with that comes the need for more redirection because students can sense it, too. That's when I pull out a classroom behavior management game to get us back on track. The goal of these games is to take students from being extrinsically motivated to intrinsically motivated. I want them to make the right choice because it's…

Michelle Gallant
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5 easy to implement solutions to help your sweet, but slow finishers, get their work done! The reasons behind not finishing are many : some kids are still weak in the skills that they need in order to finish, some kids don’t care about finishing, some kids don’t want to do the next task so the dawdle , some enjoy the constant pushing and encouragement to finish. #1 Let’s start with those who lack in skills needed. Offer to help on 1 problem and let them know that you want to hear them think…

Anne Hartley