Surreal scenes

Immerse yourself in a world of captivating and surreal scenes. Discover extraordinary ideas that will transport you to another dimension and ignite your imagination.
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We are pretty sure most of us are aware that photos can be used to tell stories and explain certain narratives. Even more so given the current state of editing technology's fast development. Digital artists have the ability to create fictional worlds, stories and send a message that transcends the confines of our own world when given the proper resources and tools.

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Surreal Scenes Unfold in Sandy Skoglund's Vibrant and Otherworldly Photographs — Colossal History Of Photography, Art Photography, Artistic Photography, Sandy Skoglund, Jon Rafman, Instalation Art, Surreal Scenes, Conceptual Artist, Conceptual Photo

For more than five decades, Sandy Skoglund has explored a fusion of photography, installation, and conceptual art. The artist’s elaborately detailed scenes, built from a wide variety of materials, from furniture to papier-mâché to food, take months—sometimes years—to complete. One iconic image portrays two children in a blue bedroom, surrounded by bright orange goldfish, while in “Radioactive Cats,” we find ourselves peering at a couple in a gray kitchen as they go about normal activities…

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Turkish art director and visual artist Hüseyin Şahin has an uncanny eye for combining disparate photographs into cohesive scenes, where technology, nature, and humankind collide. Sahin works with a variety of digital photographs which he then edits into collages that he shares on Instagram and Behance. (via ARCHatlas) More

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