Spiritual warrior

Discover the path of the spiritual warrior and unlock inner peace. Explore powerful practices and techniques to awaken your spiritual potential and live a fulfilling life.
Praying effectively opens the windows of heaven + brings down God's blessings + favor + changes the atmosphere. Power is in you, you just need to speak it out! A Prayer Warrior never gives up or gives in, they stand their ground at the gates of prayer + watch all the activity of Heaven. Are you watching + Praying? #prayer #Spiritualliving #believe #spiritual #God #Bible #warrior #pray #faith #change #answeredpray #spiritualbattle #blessings #Jesus What Is Spiritual Warfare, Spiritual Warfare Prayers, Spiritual Warrior, Prayer Warrior, Spiritual Quotes, Bible Quotes Prayer, Prayer Verses, Faith Prayer, Prayer Book

Are you struggling with targeting your prayers and still getting attacked? Spiritual Warfare is targeted prayers against the enemy. What enemy? There has been a spiritual war going on in the spiritual world since the beginning of earth's creation, against good and evil, truth and lies, light and darkness, rebellion and submission, and it is up to us to find out this enemy that is trying to take us away from the truth about God, His Kingdom on Earth and the light of the world, and tear down…

Pamela Ransom