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Discover innovative and effective strategies for creating a nurturing and inclusive environment in special education classrooms. Find inspiration and resources to support the unique needs of every student.
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Special educators need a pretty large toolbox of strategies and resources to support our learners. So often, our students can have significantly diverse needs and levels. On any given day, special education teachers might need to take student reading data, modify a math assessment, teach science wit

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When you set up your pecial education classroom setup there are a few extra things to consider. Check out these tips for furniture, layout, and wall space to create a learning environment that supports special needs students.

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If there is one I have learned in my years of working with paraprofessionals, it is that paras are teachers too. My paraprofessional is my right hand and my left hand. She is the glue that keeps us together. I realize that sometimes it is our first instinct to give them passive work because their

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Preparing for Your Special Education Classroom If you've been teaching a while, you probably have a pretty good routine in place, but I feel like there is always something I can "do better next year." Even after starting the school year multiple times I always tell myself, "Next year, I'm going to to do this.....!" Here are some things I have done to help prepare for what always seems to be a hectic time of year, with new kids, and sometimes a new grade level or school. Once you get the IEP…

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Emergency drills (fire drills especially) can be terrifying for preschoolers and many children. It’s loud, sometimes crazy if it’s unannounced, interrupts their routine, and there can be students everywhere. They are...

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