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Explore stunning public garden architecture designs that will inspire your next outdoor project. Discover ideas to create a picturesque and tranquil atmosphere for your garden.
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UDLA’s landscape design for the University of Western Australia’s School of Indigenous Studies in Crawley, Perth, has won a 2021 Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) Award for Health and Education Landscapes.

Bev Windjack
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When you sit with a group of people who come under the age group which is ten years or more older than you, you often hear them lamenting the lack of public gardens around your place. While there are many things that we may not agree with, when it comes to the lament of older people, this is one we cannot deny has a lot of value. A public garden is not only a space that can make your area look better but it is also a great place for people to get together and do simple tasks together. For…

Agris Akons

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