Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of miniatures with these creative ideas. Explore the possibilities of creating tiny wonders that will capture your imagination.
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A maker and photographer, Hannah grew up in Japan with an artistic mind, inspired by the beauty of nature surrounding her. Having moved to the UK in 2012, it was during the pandemic that Hannah revisited her passion for all things small. Inspired heavily by her relationship with nature, Hannah creates magnificent miniature scenes out of air-drying clay, paper, and wood, bringing to life hyper- realistic tiny house plants and vintage furniture. These stunning tiny creations have found home…

Prudence Yu
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Going thrifting is like embarking on a small adventure. Albeit you end up delving deep into mysterious urban secondhand shops and locating great garage sales instead of exploring ancient ruins in the middle of a jungle. In either case, you can end up walking away with the treasure of a lifetime. Or two or three, in fact.

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