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Medicinal wild plants

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100+ Edible Wild Plants: Foraging for Beginners

Edible wild plants include more than just the occasional harvest of wild blackberries and dandelion greens. Serious foragers seek out all manner of unique edible wild foods, from greens and herbs, to berries, roots, bark,

Here are 100+ medicinal herbs and their uses. Learn all about common healing herbs, how to grow them, and how to use them for herbal medicine. If you're a beginner herbalist, all of these powerful plants belong in your herbal apothecary.

Medicinal plants have been used for millennia, and science is just beginning to validate many of their traditional uses. This basic overview of medicinal plants and their use focuses on herbs you can find or

Foraging Thistle for Food and Medicine

There's a theory that the tastiest things need the best defenses. If you've ever stepped on or brushed by a bull thistle, you've experienced their robust defense system. What on earth are they hiding behind

The fast acting Natural Painkiller. Wild Lettuce is a plant which can grow 6 feet tall.  It has yellow flowers and spiny leaves.  The Latin name “lactuca” means “milk juice” and refers to the milky substance (Lactucarium) which comes out of the plant when it is cut.That milky substance contains the natural chemicals lactucin and lacttucopicrin.  These are the substances which are responsible for it's pain killing properties. #wildlettuce #naturalpainkiller #products #primalsurvivor

Kill pain quickly and naturally - Learn how to identify wild lettuce, how to make wild lettuce extract, tincture, and tea. Step by step instructions.

How to Preserve White Clover Blossoms

Gathering, drying, and using clover is so simple! If you are a beginner at using wild edibles, then learning how to preserve white clover is the place to start! #foraging #foodpreservation #whiteclover #wildedibles #howtoforage #homesteading #eattheyard #eatthelawn

Using herbs and plants for medical use is nothing new. Native Americans used them for thousands of years under the philosophy that man is a part of nature.

Using herbs and plants for medical use is nothing new. Native Americans used them for thousands of years under the philosophy that man is a part of nature.

Foraging Ground Ivy (& Ways to Use it)

Ground Ivy (Glechoma hederacea) is a common edible weed that’s incredibly common in lawns, fields and woodland edges. It’s not only tasty, but incredibly useful. Ground Ivy is a common lawn weed all around the

Foraging Usnea & Usnea Lichen Benefits: Foraging for Beginners

Usnea is an edible lichen, with potent medicinal properties. It grows all over the world, and it's often easy to find and abundant. Often called "old man's beard" or "the lungs of the forest," usnea

What to Forage in Spring: Spring Foraging Edible Plants

Spring is a great time for foraging! Learn what to forage in spring with this list of 20 edible and medicinal plants and fungi. Spring foraging is fun!

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These presentations about herbal medicine and medicinal plants promise to set you free of drugstores by showing you how to be naturally healthy … unleashing the healing power of plants with herbal medicines you make in your own kitchen! // medicinal // medicinal plants // herbal medicine #medicinal #medicinalplants
Gather + Root Foraging Course: Summer Foraging for Beginners - If you're thinking about taking a foraging course, the foraging for beginners, Gather + Root course is for you! You'll learn all about different wild edible plants, mushrooms, and herbs that are medicinal, too!
Young Stinging Nettle in the spring. Nutritious wild edible plant.  #stingingnettle #nettle #wildedibles #foraging #wildfood
Although it might not seem like it, there are so many things to forage for in the winter! There are quite a few things you can go foraging for in cold weather, such as lichens, mushrooms, seaweed, roots, and so much more. Here are over 30 edible and medicinal plants you can forage for in the winter to use in for cooking, or in your herbalism and natural medicine practice. #forage #foraging #winter #herbalism #herbalmedicine #naturalmedicine