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Explore a wide range of innovative loom machine ideas to enhance your weaving skills. Find inspiration and techniques to create beautiful and unique woven masterpieces.
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Model steam engines are every boys dream toy. Big boys like them also and those who are craftsmen can build model steam engines in the workshop. There are a few engines which can be built without the use of a metal turning lathe. However the better more advanced engines require that you have lathe capabilities. You can start by building a very simple model just for the experience. You will get a real thrill when you see it running. Then graduate to a more advanced model which will have more…

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DIY Laser Cut Rigid Heddle Loom - Part 2: Weaving With the Rigid Heddle Loom: 45 Steps (with Pictures) Diy, Rigid Heddle Weaving, Heddle Loom, Weaving Machine, Loom Machine, Weaving Loom Diy, Diy Weaving, Loom Bands Tutorial, Loom Knitting

DIY Laser Cut Rigid Heddle Loom - Part 2: Weaving With the Rigid Heddle Loom: Welcome to The Interlace Project!Our mission is to make weaving more accessible by designing open-source weaving looms. Rigid Heddle Looms are a great introduction to weaving and the skills you learn are all transferable to other types of looms. Eas…

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Which tapestry loom is right for me? Part 2: High-warp looms — Rebecca Mezoff Design, Couture, Tapestry Loom, Weaving Looms, Woven Rug, Loom Machine, Weaving Techniques, Large Tapestries, Rug Loom

Last week I wrote a post about low-warp looms which you can read HERE . I use a low-warp loom for much of my weaving and we are partial to what we know. But I have been working hard to learn more about high-warp looms and have even used the ones I own more often lately. High-warp looms are the one

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GUYS! Do you like the look of knitting, but it hurts your hands? For all my OG crocheters out there does knitting take you FOREVER? I have a fantastic solution...get a knitting machine. It is seriously game changing, especially for anyone doing market prep! Now I know the most popular brand at the moment for knitting machines is the Addi, but it is not your only option. The Addi, with it hefty price tag, is obviously top of line, however there are way more affordable options out there that…