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More than $850 million — that's the estimated value of the legendary Mona Lisa painting. Nevertheless, one of the most famous paintings and an iconic Renaissance art piece is not for sale. Under French heritage law, an artwork declared priceless is prohibited from being bought or sold. Although you might not be able to take the painting home, you can still take a glimpse at the iconic smiling lady in the Louvre for less than the cost of a meal at Mickey D's.

John Lennon - Andy Warhol pop art Art, Figures

When you think of Pop Art, you think of Andy Warhol and paintings of Marilyn Monroe or Elvis. It’s a cool style. You instantly recognize the subject, yet it’s very different from what we normally see. Warhol did a lot of this work using the silkscreen method. We’ll show you how to do it in

Wayee Chu
Marcantonio Bassetti (workshop) - Joseph and Potiphar's Wife, before 1630, oil on canvas private collection Art, Art Drawings, Verona, Artist, Kunst, Fine Art, Rennaissance Art, Original Artwork, Classical Art

Marcantonio Bassetti Dead Christ supported by the Virgin and Mary Magdalen before 1630 oil on slate private collection Marcantonio Bassetti Dead Christ supported by the Virgin and Mary Magdalen before 1630 drawing Royal Collection, Great Britain Marcantonio Bassetti Study for St Sebastian ca. 1616-21 oil on canvas private collection Marcantonio Bassetti St Sebastian tended by St Irene ca. 1625-26 oil on canvas Musée des Beaux-Arts de Marseilles "Following a period of training in the studio…

Jacopo p47
‘Les pirates normands au IXe siècle’ (Norman pirates in the 9th century) by Évariste-Vital Luminais (1894). Ancient Art, History, Old Norse, Pirates, Classical Art, Toile, Rennaissance Art, Norse, Savoir Plus

Did you know that many words we use today such as “husband,” “happy,” and “egg” are of Old Norse origin? No? Well, this isn’t surprising, as in the minds of many people the Vikings were nothing but a bunch of brutal savages. But they were more sophisticated than most people tend to believe. Their rich and powerful Old Norse language provides clear proof.