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Enhance your outdoor spaces with the best landscape materials available. Find inspiration and ideas to create a beautiful and functional landscape for your home.
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Paving, including concrete, stone, and tile, and paving alternatives, like gravel and mulch, are the materials we walk, sit, cook, eat, and play on in a landscape design. We’ll discuss different types of paving (hard surfaces), and some alternative surface materials that can be used to create functional paths and... Read more »

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Coyoacán Corporate Campus Landscape by DLC Architects « Landscape Architecture Platform | Landezine Campus Landscape Design, Landscape Architecture Design, Landscape Projects, Landscape Architects, Architecture Jobs, Landscape Plans, Urban Landscape Design, Architecture Sketches, Architecture Diagrams

Located in one of Mexico city’s oldest neighborhoods; Coyoacán 1622 stands out as a different approach in corporate buildings in México, instead of creating a high‐rise, the project develops horizontally taking advantage of the excellent local weather as well of the particularly lower scale of the constructions near it. The exterior design takes a mayor role as becoming the “transition” that “glues” one building to the other.

Marta Adamczyk
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Brief: Create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. Size: 55m2 Features: Hardwood Decking, Plank Paving, Decorative Aggregate, Timber Screen, Planting Contributors: SAM Architects + Lunar Architects (Architecture) + Da Feng (Photography) Awards: Pro Landscaper

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