India and pakistan

Delve into the rich and complicated history of India and Pakistan. Discover the cultural, political, and social dynamics that have shaped these two nations and continue to influence their relationship today.
Collapse of Br Empire 70-yrs ago Pakistan & India exodus (1947) Pakistan Culture, History Of Pakistan, East Pakistan, India Culture, India And Pakistan, Old Pictures, Nature Pictures, Old Photos, 1947 India

Collapse of Br Empire 70-yrs ago Pakistan & India exodus (1947)

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India recaptures Tiger Hill, a vital moment in India's victory of the Kargil War, 3rd- 7th July, 1999. Indian Army Quotes, Indian Army Special Forces, Kargil War, Indian Defence, Wedding Spot, Roller Coaster Ride, Fall From Grace, Military Photos, Army Soldier

73 years ago, the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi launched a civil disobedience movement that saw the British pack their bags and leave. The Quit India Movement was a call for the orderly withdrawal of the British from our country. The movement brought the nation together and finally led to the nation becoming independent. Then there have been a whole lot of historic landmarks that we, as a country, have been through in the last century or so. But how many of them can we actually recall…

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