Honey bee hives

Discover the secrets to building and maintaining a thriving honey bee hive. Learn top ideas and tips to create a healthy environment for your bees and enjoy the sweet rewards of honey production.
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https://vimeo.com/569512038/1a290a6680 Bees are essential to keep our ecosystem running as we know it, these master pollinators play a huge role in supporting the growth of trees, flowers, and other plants that serve as food + shelter for all living beings. They contribute to complex, interconnected ecosystems that allow a diverse number of different species to

Madeline Rae
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What is a Rose hive? Never heard of it? It is a new development in hive-management. Rose Hives are basically he same as the hives your Joe Average bee keeper uses, except instead of having two different size boxes (one for brood-rearing and one for supers), there is just one size box which can be used for either brood or honey. The big benefit here is that you allow for rapid brood expansion. There is no queen excluder in this set-up. That means the queen can lay as many eggs as she can. As…

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