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Delve into the fascinating world of Habsburg Austria and discover its rich history, influential rulers, and iconic landmarks. Uncover the secrets of this powerful dynasty and journey through time in the heart of Europe.
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Blessed Emperor Charles was crowned as Apostolic King of Hungary on the 30th of December in 1916. It was the last Hapsburg coronation to this day. For those interested there are two accounts which do justice to the sacred rites. One is by that most devoted admirer of the Hapsburgs, Gordon Brook-Shep

William Stones
This is a picture of Franz Ferdinand. He was the Archduke of Austria before world war I. He was assassinated on June 28, 1914. This is a major event that sparked world war I. World War One, First World, Archiduque Francisco Fernando, Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Franz Josef, François Joseph, Buda Castle, Archduke, Austrian Empire

Today ‘Archduke Ferdinand’ (as he is often incorrectly known) is probably one of the best known yet least understood royal figures of the 20th Century. Most people have heard of him but only because it was his assassination which caused the spark that ignited the powder keg of World War One. He was, however, a much more far-sighted man than he is often given credit for and, in many ways, he seemed to sense the calamity that was approaching Europe and which would overtake it upon his death…

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