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Transform your outdoor space with these stunning gravel garden ideas. Create a low-maintenance oasis that adds texture and charm to your landscape. Get inspired and start designing your dream gravel garden today.
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Hospitality is universal, and I’ve found that friends and strangers all over the world have perfected the art of making others feel at home through their own unique culture and customs. This is a huge reason why I included five different...

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If you've followed me for a while, you'll know I've never had much desire for gravel in the garden. Don't get me wrong - I don't hate gravel and there's certainly a time and place for it, but after having an entire yard full of gravel in the old house (full garden tour here), I

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Hi all Well, after almost a year since I last posted about my new lawn not taking I have sadly admitted defeat :( . Despite no walking on the lawn, ariation, seeds, and other attempted advice I now only have sodden soil with the odd blade of grass peeking through. People have advised adding artificial grass which I am not keen on or decking which I was tempted with but less and less enamoured by. I don’t want to pave my garden as I want to keep it green(ish) and natural. Then a brainwave…