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A full red moon. The people of New England believed that Judgment Day was upon them and this was bolstered by the fact that the moon glowed red. Red Aesthetic Grunge, Aesthetic Colors, Hades Aesthetic, Red Icons:), Black And Red, Blood Moon Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, Dark Red Wallpaper, I See Red

At 10:00 a.m. on May 19, 1780, the people of New England thought that Judgment Day was upon them. The sky turned black as night, flowers began folding their petals, and fowls returned to their coops to roost. The moon shined an eerie blood-red as darkness engulfed towns and cities from Maine to New Jersey

Mark Abbott
Vanessa Moody Is Fiery In Camilla Akrans' Seeing Red Images For Vogue Germany February 2015 - 3 Sensual Fashion Editorials | Art Exhibits - Anne of Carversville Women's News Red Photography, Portrait Photography, Fashion Photography, Photoshop, Noxus League Of Legends, Vanessa Moody, Red Images, Ex Machina, Red Aesthetic

Model Vanessa Moody plays with fire in photographer Camilla Akrans ’ red-hued images for Vogue Germany February 2015. Nicola Knels styles the shoot ‘Spiel mit dem feuer’, a mix of tailored suits and transparency. / Makeup by Wendy Rowe; hair by Franco Gobbi

Jimmy Tsang
Red Aesthetic Grunge, Aesthetic Colors, Sky Aesthetic, Aesthetic Pictures, Sarada Uchiha Wallpaper, Red And Black Wallpaper, I See Red, California Sunset, Red Pictures

I am lucky enough to live near the Pacific Ocean, and I was always fascinated by the beauty of the nature, especially during fleeting sunsets. To catch just the right moment for the photo; especially if you need clouds in the sky; takes some preparation, equipment and luck. Some of these photos were pure luck – being there at the right time and right place, but some took weeks of planning.