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Our news feeds have suffered quite a bit during 2020. At one point, it has gotten so bad, the year even became a meme. So I think we all know what we need to cope with the feelings of gloom and doom. Dogs. Especially one goofball from Japan.

Ms. Mary
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Comical, cuddly and capricious, Corgis have continued to rule the internet with their various hijinks. While they might seem ridiculous at times, did you know that Corgis were originally the pets of warriors? Yes that’s right, the first breed of these snuggly dogs were brought over to Cardiganshire, Wales by a warrior tribe of Celts around 1200 BCE. Now, over 3000 years later, Corgis seem less like warriors and more like comedians. Pretending to drive cars, sledding in the snow and dressing…

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