British Colonial Style

Transform your home into a sophisticated retreat with British Colonial style. Explore top ideas to infuse timeless elegance and exotic charm into your living space.
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At the end of each year, I look forward to going through the blog archives and rounding up all of our projects and milestones. Day to day the progress often feels slow and like we’re falling short of our goals—especially when I start comparing myself to other bloggers (so hard to break that habit!) but […]

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The British Colonial style has always been a favorite of mine, a little context is sometimes needed to really understand its origins and evolution of a style. Here's a look at a little Modern British Colonial Interior Décor..

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I fell in love with this style when I vacationed in Barbados several years ago and stayed at Sam Lord's Castle, the former home of actual pirate Sam Lord, who lured ships aground by hanging lanterns in the coconut trees. Captains mistook the lights for the nearby port city of Bridgetown and ran their ships into the reefs. Sam and his men then promptly looted them. This beautiful plantation was decorated in authentic West Indies British Colonial style and couldn't help capturing my heart…

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When it comes to a space of our own, most of us have definite ideas on how the place should be done up. There is no denying that some of us have a preference for a particular way of having our home done up and this is often undeterred by what others say or think. While thinking and feeling this way may not necessarily conform to what are the popular norms, we feel that you should go ahead and decorate your home accordingly. That is why if dreamy Moroccan decoration ideas are what appeal to…

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The Interior Design of a stunning 1920 apartment in the former French Concession in a colonial Style. Details & Objects from India, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Bali and China. A mix of Luxury & Casual atmosphere. All objects and materials have been sourced by Baptiste Bohu during his trips. A beautiful Ananbo panoramic Wallpaper is displayed in the living room

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