Bohemian decorating

Transform your home into a bohemian oasis with these inspiring decorating ideas. Embrace the eclectic and artistic style to create a space that reflects your free-spirited personality.
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Chances are that you picked up your love for the boho decor style when you were decorating your first dorm room or apartment. This is often because it is an easy, fun and affordable style to implement in your home. You can make a lot of the pieces or pile up a lot of cheap objects for a modpodge, chic room. The problem is, now you are out of college but have a lot of pieces that make your home feel just like your dorm. Even the new pieces you are buying might feel like the style is just not…

Jenn Crutchfield
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Characterized as it is by carefree living and individual expression, there's no better place for the bohemian style than the bedroom. Being uniquely you is not only encouraged by this decor type but required. Use it to kick back and relax in a space that speaks directly to your soul. Because boho is about gathering […]

Sarah Holmes