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Discover fun and interactive Bible activities that will captivate children and youth. Explore creative ideas to help them deepen their understanding of the scriptures and strengthen their faith.
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This fun Bible bingo was specifically designed as a fun way for little ones to engage with the stories of the Bible, strengthen literacy skills, and enjoy social connections. Although anyone can enjoy a fun game of Bingo, this simple game and basic graphics were designed with Pre-K through 8-year-olds in mind.

Mara Tammaro
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Joseph's coat of honor was just that, a coat of honor. But what was it in Joseph's character that made him worthy of such a coat? Check out a new design for Joseph's coat that will help us gain a bigger picture!

Maria Pike
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Gods creation is not only lovely on the outside, but it also serves a reason and has meaning. The natural world provides sustenance for all living creatures, from the smallest insects to the most powerful carnivores.

Jenna Roberts
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In this post we will be sharing 3 exciting object lessons that can not only be used for teaching Bible truths, but also as a fun science lesson. Object lessons are a enjoyable way to keep your child engaged while learning about the Bible and to help them commit the lesson to memory. These lessons will require minimal s

Anna Conn
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This character building object lesson about forgiveness takes a fun science experience and relates it to the risks of choosing not to forgive. This is one more activity in my character building series. Object lessons helps connect a hands-on and visual experience with the heart. A picture like the one presented today is more likely...Read More

Katelyn Rains
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The notion of Creation Day in the Bible bears considerable theological and philosophical consequences for adherents on a global scale. The initial chapter of the Book of Genesis chronicles the process of the universes inception and the concomitant formation of all that it encompasses, systematically delineating this event over the course of six days..

Sheri Sexton