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Confused about watercolor brush sizes? Watercolor brushes come in a confusingly wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials to choose from. One of the most bewildering characteristics of brushes is their size. What do all those numbers mean? 000 or 3/0 or even 1/64”? Brushes are the tools that you use to communicate your artistic

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Artists’ brushes can be divided into two broad categories: those for oil painting and those for watercolour painting. Acrylics can fit in either depending on whether you are painting with acrylics in the oil manner or the watercolour manner. Brush characteristics: Oil brushes: When choosing a brush for oil (or acrylic) painting artists are interested in the fibres and the spring. A natural fibre like sable or hog bristle will hold the paint better than a slick synthetic fibre but may shed…

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