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Discover the wonders of Ancient Egypt and explore its rich history, culture, and monuments. Uncover the secrets of the pyramids, pharaohs, and the Nile River in this captivating journey through time.
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Eye of Horus Dimensions :-Length - 21 cm / 8.2 inchesHeight -13 cm / 5.1 inchesDepth - 2 cm / 3/4 inches * Combined shipping offered* Combined postage is on offer if you would like to add other items. This most well known of Egyptian eye designs I have based on one of Tutankhamun's amulets found

Lara Maysa
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This postcard was printed in Egypt, bought in Egyptian Museum of Berlin and sent from Norway. Animals of all kinds were important to the Ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians understood the animals' characteristics and admired them, especially those that were dangerous or had powers human beings lacked. They believed animals were symbols, for example, the beetle - the Egyptians noticed how it buries itself and therefore used it as a symbol of survival. Particular powers of each Egyptian god were…

Julie Billow
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Egyptian name: Maat Representation: Woman with an ostrich feather on her head Maat or Ma’at was the ancient Egyptian concept embodying truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice. Maat was personified as a goddess who governed the stars, seasons, and the actions of both gods and mortals. She imposed order upon the universe in the …

Samuel Chaves Rebouças

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