21 Beautiful Reflections About Music From Legendary Musicians. Does this explain why all of Tom Waits' songs are so depressing? XD

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“It ain't no sin, to take off your skin and dance around in your bones” -Tom Waits

When Tom Waits says, "Jump," you don't ask, "How high?" You fucking jump. Any time he posts a video through Anti- should be regarded as a Na.

Tom Waits by Anton Corbijn #truenewyork #lovenyc

I’d be luckier to walk around everywhere I go with a blind and broken heart that sleeps beneath my lapel she sends me blue valentines to remind me of my cardinal sin TOM WAITS photo ©Anton Corbijn

Tom Waits. Show me the way ...

coolest guy in the room - Tom Waits. Unless Christopher Walken is in the room.then death duel.

Tom Waits in a scene from Francis Ford Coppola's   One from the Heart (1982) where neon "saturates the air of Las Vegas with sensation"

100 years of neon - in pictures