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The true Background of Religion

Religion encompasses different world views, values and approaches. The basis is always a supernatural power, which is characterized by supernatural and holy forces. Religions share the common characteristic that they strive for something supernatural. Within religions there are different interpretations, some pursue self-discovery and personality development.

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Cherubim – The supernatural powers of Angels Cherubim are already mentioned in the Bible and are considered to be exalted angelic beings in the service of God. They are also called spirits of harmony. Together with the seraphim and thrones, the cherubim form the uppermost triad of beings in the celestial hierarchy who are closest to and around God and have the immediate sight of God.

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MYSTERY SCHOOL – SPIRITUAL EDUCATION AT HERMETIC ACADEMY In a mystery school, like the Hermetic Academy, it is not about the acquisition of theories as in a university or profane education, but about the connection with the wisdom tradition. A mystery school is like a vessel in which the divine light flows in. Through training in a mystery school we are connected with this spiritual light. Depending on the maturity of our soul, our individual vessel is able to receive more or less of this…

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Feng Shui

Feng Shui, an eastern tradition that is thousands of years old In a few sentences, we will try to convey the philosophy and approach of Feng Shui. Finally we will explain the difference to the Western spiritual path. Feng Shui (Fengshui) is an ancient Chinese teaching based on the collected knowledge of the elders. The earliest mention of Feng Shui goes back 5,000-6,000 years. It is the basis of all great buildings in China, such as the “Great Wall of China” or the “Forbidden City of…

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Reiki – The business with healing and initiation The foundation of healing through Reiki is based on the idea that each person is infused with a divine, loving and healing life energy. This energy is flowing according to the acceptance of the Reiki teachings by a Reiki Master, who has previously purchased Reiki initiations in weekend seminars and then acts as a channel for healing energies.

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Wicca – witch hunt and inquisition

Wicca – witch hunt and inquisition Terrible cruelties happened and still happen due to blind superstition, abuse of power and lack of education. This article gives a simple overview of the Wicca religion. It then discusses witch-hunts, the Inquisition of the Church, exorcism and missionary work.

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Qi Gong – more than just relaxation?

Qi Gong – more than just relaxation? According to Qi Gong practitioners, qigong can be beneficial in attaining the Dao or becoming one with the Dao. Dao cannot be translated, but it is given in the sense of a path. The term Dao (Tao) encompasses both the dualistic realms of the material world and the transcendent realms beyond duality. According to this doctrine it represents the highest state of being. Dao also means the essence, the primordial life force.

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36 Bach Flowers Essences

36 Bach Flowers Essences – Paths to mental health Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), the Wales-born inventor of Bach Flower Therapy, was a doctor and freemason. He started his career as a homeopath and soon created his own form of therapy. He created a self-contained healing system with 38 special flower essences. These essences were not intended to treat illnesses, but to have an effect on the human mind.