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Embrace the Dark: Exploring the Power of Shadow Work
This is what personal development is truly about
This is the formula for success
7 Things About Self-Love I Wish I Knew When I Was 18
3 Tips To Improve Your Mental Health
5 Tools That Transformed My Life!
Watch this if you are currently struggling!
How one simple thought transformed my life
Are you a people pleaser? Then watch this video to learn how to create healthy boundaries! People Pleaser, Healthy Boundaries, Watch, Video, Create, Clock, Bracelet Watch, Clocks
This is how you create healthy boundaries
Are you a people pleaser? Then watch this video to learn how to create healthy boundaries!
How To Stop Procrastination
Sometimes we say will do something tomorrow. And then tomorrow comes and we keep pushing it off… in this video, I am going to share powerful tips with you how you can stop procrastination. 👇🏻Which tip did you find most helpful?
How To Stop Overthinking
The shopping list. Tomorrow’s presentation. 1000 Emails to answer. Doing laundry. Posting on social media. Calling grandma. Do you know this feeling when you have 10.000 thoughts in your head and you have the feeling you cant stop thinking? Then this video is for you! 🤓 👇🏻Which tip do you find most helpful?
Do You Want To Learn How To Love Yourself?
5 Secrets To Crush Your Goals
Are you ready to crush your goals? 😎 = yeeees! | 😕 = still not ready
This Is The Power Of Great Habits
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. - Will Durant What is a new habit that you would like to establish this month? 👇🏻Let me know in the comments!
Are You Struggling With Anxiety?
I truly hope these tips serve you 🤍🤍🤍 👍🏻= Yes | 😕= not really
4 Tips To Love Yourself More
Take a moment, put your hands on your heart, close your eyes and repeat the words: „I am worthy and I deserve all the love I desire. I love myself unconditionally.“ 👇🏻 How do you feel now? Do you feel any different to before you closed your eyes?
Do You Get Stuck When Trying Something New?
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone ✨✨✨ 👇🏻What is ONE new thing that you can try this weekend?
Overcome Social Anxiety
I truly hope these tips serve you 💖💖💖 👉🏻 Share this with a friend who is struggeling with social anxiety. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
5 Simple Steps To Love Yourself More
"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." —Buddha 👇🏻What is one thing you can do today to show yourself some love? 💕
Believe In Yourself!
Sometimes a little tough love is needed! 😉 📲Send this to a friend who needs encouragement!
The 5 Best Habits To Break A Bad Habit
Your habits will determine your future ✨ 👇🏻What is one healthy habit that you would like to establish?
4 Ways To Love Yourself More
“Unconditional self-love is all that really matters in life. It’s where real life begins.” 👇🏻What can you do today to love yourself a little more? ❤️
Bring More Gratitude Into Your Life!
Gratitude is this incredible skill to shift our focus from what we are missing to what we already have in our life. ✨ In this video, I am sharing 4 habits that will bring more gratitude into your life! 📲Double tap if you find this helpful!
Don't Forget To Thank Yourself
We often give credit to our loved ones and everybody who supported us on our journey.🙏🏻 But what about yourself? It‘s time to thank yourself! Thank yourself for every time you got back up, for every time you believed in yourself when others didn’t, and for all the efforts you are making. You can be so proud of yourself! ❤️
How to Overcome Fear of Rejection
In this video, I am sharing 5 powerful tips that help you to deal with fear of rejection. Moreover, you can work with the following affirmations: ✨Nobody can reject me without my permission. ✨ I accept myself for who I am without fear of judgement from others. ✨I think positively about myself no matter what others say about me. ✨ I free myself from any fear of rejection.
Top Questions To Ask Yourself
Our life is determined by the questions we ask ourselves. ✍🏻 In this video, I am sharing powerful questions with you that will help you to live a happy, successful and fulfilled life. ✨✨✨ 👇🏻Which one is your favorite one?
5 Simple Steps To Get Out of A Bad Mood
When you feel like grumpy smurf, these tips will help you to be back to the joyful sunshine you truly are. 😉
3 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self
Sometimes I wish I could go back in time, give my younger self a big hug and tell it those 3 important things. 💞 What would you say to your younger self? Let me know in the comments! 📲
How To Heal A Broken Heart
Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness. - Steve Maraboli 📲 Share this with a friend who needs to hear this.