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Previously on Archinect: ThyssenKrupp's cable-free elevator test tower tops out in less than 10 monthsUp and Down, Side to Side; ThyssenKrupp's cable-free MULTI elevator to begin testing in 2016 Mobiles, Magnetic Levitation, High Building, Cable, London Underground, Willis Tower, Innovation, Engineering, Technology

thyssenkrupp Elevator MULTI – Watch the new video with the real MULTI:

+++Watch the new video with the real MULTI+++ thyssenkrupp Elevator develops the world’s first rope-less elevator for high-rise ...

How Andreessen Horowitz Is Disrupting Silicon Valley — Silicon Guild — Medium Growth Hacking, Brand Building, Best Investments, Entrepreneurship, Startup Entrepreneur, Big Data, Career Advice, Life Science, Computer Science

When One App Rules Them All: The Case of WeChat and Mobile in China - Andreessen Horowitz

While seemingly just a messaging app, WeChat is actually more of a portal, a platform, and even a mobile operating system depending on how you look at it. Much has been written about WeChat in the context of messaging app trends, but few outside of China really understand how it works -- and how it can pull off what for many companies (and countries) is still a far-off vision of a world managed entirely through our smartphones. Most notable, however, for anyone in the tech business is…

This is Tesla. When does Musk crash? Tech, Marketing, Image, Style, Fashion, Swag, Moda, Stylus, La Mode

FT Alphaville - Market Commentary -

Trying to kill Uber is always in vogue, but it's getting an extra push lately. French Uber drivers have banded together to launch their own app to compete with the ride-share giant. And now Uber's largest competitors — Lyft, Ola, GrabTaxi, and Didi K Illinois, Moving To San Francisco, Uber Driver, Taxi Driver, Labor Law, Sharing Economy, Fall Shorts, Who Will Win, Tied Up

“After My Very First Night, I Knew I Would Never Drive a Taxi Again”

Whenever someone claims that it’s not about the money, you know the chances are that really, it is. And I’d be lying if I said my decision to switch away from driving a taxi and start driving for…

steve jobs biography essay The iGod: Steve Jobs's pursuit of perfection—and the consequences . Steve Jobs Biography, Job S, Paradox, February 22, Sample Resume, Fictional Characters, Tech, Apple, Design

The iGod: Steve Jobs’s pursuit of perfection—and the consequences. | …

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