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Great Recession Living Projects

Collection by Madeline Olson



Thanksgiving is a busy time. Adorn your table with these Thanksgiving Centerpieces. This gallery of cost-effective, Thanksgiving table décor ideas will be just what you need this festive season. Fall Home Decor, Autumn Home, Warm Autumn, Autumn Rain, Autumnal, Diy Thanksgiving Centerpieces, Thanksgiving Ideas, Thanksgiving Tablescapes, Thanksgiving Traditions

13 Creative DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

On this blessed day, I give thanks for your trust and confidence in me! Wishing you and your family a cozy, memorable and fun filled time together. Sincerely, Shawn.Luo, PH.D. Cell: (408) 329-3793 Office:(408)900-8013 Fax: (408) 409-2523 Email: shawn.luoca@gmail.com Website: www.AEZRealty.com AEZ Realty; AEZ Investment 1298 Kifer Rd, #505, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

How to Dye Wool with Beets - Great Recession Living Clothes Dye, Beetroot, Beets, Red Color, Things To Come, Diy Crafts, Wool, Vegetables, Dyeing Yarn

How to Dye Wool with Beets - Great Recession Living

When it comes to plants, beetroot is a vegetable with color to spare. Here is my method that allows you to not only dye with your beets, but eat them too. Note: Following this method will result in a pinkish-red color. Do not use a cotton project for this, since cotton does not hold pigment …

Painted Skull and Ghost Gourds - Great Recession Living Easy Halloween Crafts, Halloween Kids, Skull Painting, Gourds, Projects, Log Projects, Pumpkins, Blue Prints, Gourd

Painted Skull and Ghost Gourds - Great Recession Living

Here is a quick and easy Halloween craft that will last for years to come. These cute little skulls and ghosts only require dried gourds, a bit of paint, and a little wire to hang. Materials: Gourds: I used five for my project, but you can use as many or as few as you want …

DIY Bird Feeder Post Cedar Posts, Great Recession, Diy Bird Feeder, Metal Baskets, Exterior Paint, Wind Chimes, Garden, Outdoor Decor, Projects

DIY Bird Feeder Post - Great Recession Living

Are you tired of raccoons bending your store-bought shepherd hooks in half? Here are easy instructions for building your own that can survive just about anything nature can throw at it. Materials: 1 6’ tall 4×4” cedar post 1 4×4” fence post anchor 1 pint exterior paint 4 metal basket hooks (or number desired) Good-quality …

DIY Bird Perch Great Recession, Bird Perch, Make It Yourself, Projects, Diy, Log Projects, Blue Prints, Bricolage, Do It Yourself

DIY Bird Perch - Great Recession Living

My mother recently got a bird and started to pamper it immediately. She went to get a bird perch from a local pet store, but they were expensive. Below, we show you how to make your very own bird perch with a square wood base and sticks that you can find outside. Tools Drill Saw …

Trashbag Phantom Great Recession, Halloween Decorations, Projects, Log Projects, Blue Prints, Halloween Art

Trashbag Phantom - Great Recession Living

Here’s a very fast and inexpensive Halloween decoration that you can hang from a tree. Materials: Mask (Preferably a cheap plastic one that’s held onto the head with a single elastic strap) 1 Large Black Garbage Bag (The bigger the better) Stapler with Staples Wire and Pliers, Needle and Black Thread, or Superglue Scissors Instructions: …

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Thanksgiving Cornucopia, Horn Of Plenty, Great Recession, Ancient Symbols, Harvest, Fruit, Simple, Projects, Log Projects

Thanksgiving Cornucopia - Great Recession Living

The Cornucopia, or The Horn of Plenty, was adopted from Greek mythology for British harvest festivals and, later, our own Thanksgiving. To build your own ancient symbol of abundance, follow our simple instructions. Materials: Wicker Cornucopia (You will probably need to order this online, as many stores do not carry these) Fruit (Either real or …

Last Minute Halloween Decoration: Skull Luminaries - Great Recession Living Last Minute, Tea Lights, Halloween Decorations, Skull, Projects, Log Projects, Blue Prints, Tea Light Candles, Skulls

Last Minute Halloween Decoration:  Skull Luminaries - Great Recession Living

Here’s a craft you can put together in only a few minutes that will add a little extra light to your display. Materials: Hollow Plastic Skulls Battery-Operated Tealights Drill Tape or Hot Glue Instructions: Make sure that your skulls have a hole in the base large enough to fit the tea light flame through. If …

Easy Halloween Scarecrow Halloween Scarecrow, Easy Halloween, Great Recession, Night Gown, Halloween Face Makeup, Projects, Clothes, Dress Night, Log Projects

Easy Halloween Scarecrow - Great Recession Living

I’ve always wanted one of those life-sized monster figures. Unfortunately, those things usually cost a ridiculous amount of money. This year, Adam and I have built our own monster for a fraction of the cost. Materials: 1 2×4” Piece of Framing Lumber 1 1×3” Piece of Framing Lumber Old Clothing (A long dress or nightgown …

Simple Tulle Ghost Easy Halloween Decorations, Tulle, Simple, Projects, Log Projects, Blue Prints, Tutu, Mesh, Tulle Skirts

Simple Tulle Ghost - Great Recession Living

Here’s a simple Halloween decoration that anyone can put together in an afternoon. This project is so cheap and easy, you can probably do several in a weekend for a thoroughly haunted yard. Materials: 3 Yards Tulle (The Cheapest Available) Plastic Skull Needle White Thread Electric Drill (Or Other Boring Tool) Instructions: First, fold the …

Make your Own Severed Heads - Great Recession Living Styrofoam Head, Great Recession, Acrylic Craft Paint, Make Your Own, How To Make, Celtic, That Look, Hair Styles, Projects

Make your Own Severed Heads - Great Recession Living

In many cultures across the globe, headhunting has been a well-loved tradition. The following instructions make heads similar to those collected by my Celtic ancestors, but you can easily adapt them to look like the heads your ancestors collected as well. Materials: Styrofoam Heads Acrylic Craft Paint (Especially skin tones, red, black, and white) Large …

Basic Winter Survival Scarf Great Recession, Winter Survival, Warm Outfits, Needles Sizes, Projects, Clothes, Fashion, Hot Clothes, Log Projects

Basic Winter Survival Scarf - Great Recession Living

If you live in a cold climate like Wisconsin, it’s time to bring out your warmest clothes. If you’ve never knitted before, this basic scarf is a good place to start. Materials: Thick/ Bulky Yarn (I used Lionbrand’s Homespun yarn in “Regency”) Large Needles (I used size 10. Your needle size will depend on your …

Halloween Fortune Cake Great Recession, Halloween, Simple, Cake, Desserts, Projects, Food, Tailgate Desserts, Log Projects

Halloween Fortune Cake - Great Recession Living

In its original incarnation, the Halloween Fortune Cake was a bread where a single burnt piece was used to select that year’s human sacrifice. In this more civilized time, it is a simple layer cake containing objects that signify love, fortune, and hardship. We at Great Recession Living recommend using the newer version for your …

Four Seasons Garden Bench - Great Recession Living Great Recession, Four Seasons, Bench, Wood, Garden, Projects, Diy, Painting, Design

Four Seasons Garden Bench - Great Recession Living

After you’ve finished building our DIY Garden Bench, you’ll need to weather-proof it. This painted design not only preserves the wood and keeps out the elements, it also brightens up the garden and never looks out of season! Winter is represented twice on our bench because we live in Wisconsin. Materials: Weatherproof paint. We bought …

Wooden Plank Tombstone Great Recession, Easy Halloween Decorations, White Paints, Plank, Door Handles, Wood, Projects, Painting, Outdoor

Wooden Plank Tombstone - Great Recession Living

If you have spare wood lying around, you can make this quick and easy Halloween decoration with a few simple cuts and a bit of paint. Even better, make several tombstones with different designs to decorate your whole lawn! Materials: 1 2×8 Plank White Paint Rated for Outdoor Use 2 Tubes Pale Grey Acrylic Paint …

Peanut Butter Chicken Peanut Butter Chicken, Buffet, Menu, Dishes, Dining, Projects, Recipes, Food, Menu Board Design

Peanut Butter Chicken - Great Recession Living

There are several Chinese buffets in the area that have a peanut butter chicken dish that is hard to find elsewhere. There are no carry out or dine in places that have it on the menu, and the recipes I find online don’t taste similar and usually have complicated instructions. Below is the quick, easy …