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Tips and strategies for using Social Media and Social Networking sites for Business

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How Social is B2B? Some 53 percent of B2B companies actively use Twitter in their marketing efforts, but this is dwarfed by Facebook (90 percent), which generates about twice as many monthly leads overall. However, and as you might expect, it’s LinkedIn that rules the roost – while less than half of businesses actively use the platform, LinkedIn returns more leads than Facebook, Twitter or blogging for B2B marketers.

 Evil, a. Doctor Evil, is out to destroy the world. Only Austin Powers can stop him. Those two have more in common than you think! Hugo Weaving, Norman Bates, Anthony Perkins, Robert Englund, Kevin Spacey, One Million Dollars, One In A Million, Freddy Krueger, Darth Vader

Is Social Media Evil? The dark side of the digital age #twitter #facebook #socialmedia

Firstly, happy I hope you were able to take some well deserved rest and relaxation over the Christmas period. Social Networks, Social Media Marketing, Rest And Relaxation, Product Launch, News

New Year, New Direction | Social Property Selling has officially launched!

Why do most change management initiatives fail? To many leaders believe that "we" need to change "them" is the way forward A Course In Miracles, Cancer Cure, Cancer Treatment, Fake News, A 17, The Life, Good News, Big News, Social Media Marketing

“You’re wrong!” The Age newspaper tells the Melbourne dining public #socialmedia #media